The Catholic Register: Russian Catholic official criticizes court ban on Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Russian Catholic official criticizes court ban on Jehovah's Witnesses

  • jwleaks

    Remember when the JWs condemned action taken by courts or governments to stifle the activities of the Catholic Church?

    Wait a sec ...


    The Catholic Register: Russian Catholic official criticizes court ban on Jehovah's Witnesses..

    Considering how much the WBT$ points to the Catholics, when they have problems ..

    Will they will blame the Catholics, for coming to their rescue.?.

  • freddo

    Don't forget also - last week in the UK - on the BBC's "flagship" Radio 4 programme "Thought for the Day" they had a Church of England Pastor - Giles Fraser - defending them over the court ban too!

  • smiddy

    LOL JWleaks.

    OUTLAW ,its ironic isnt it that the R.C.Church is sticking up FOR the JW`s over the ban? Given the history of JW`s STICKING IT UP the Catholic church the past 100 years.

    Thanks for that Barbara , of course they are looking out for their own interests , however I could never see the JW`s giving any support to the R.C.Church under any circumstances.

    Hang on , I never thought they would ever be a part of the UN organization either ,or giving support in a law court to a Tele-evangelist organization either. , or the double standards that existed in Malawi and Mexico ,hell I better stop their in case I stumble some still in brother or sister.


    If any other religious group anywhere in the world had to ask JW to assist in a letter-writing campaign would the JW agree ? Not a damn ! damned !

  • Syme

    Oh, the irony! The Catholic church, the one which the JWs for over a century portray as the main part of the Whore of Babylon, the satanic evil religion of which every member is destined to be roasted in Armageddon, has stood by the jw's side with regards to their religious freedom, the exact freedom that WTS denies from every other.

    With that in mind, it is evident that the Catholic church is really morally superior to the jw church, and, given the fact that the catholic church is not exactly the mount Everest of morality, you get the picture.

  • biblexaminer

    The Catholic Church protecting the Watchtower! GASP

    How about this one, the Watchtower protecting Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

    Remember that one? LOL

    The Church is only looking out for its own interests. The Watchtower and other smaller fish are like a buffer zone around them. Once the small fish get eaten, what's left?

    No, you cannot take anything from this. The Church, and Watchtower are both self-serving, today, yesterday and tomorrow.

  • smiddy

    Does Msgr.Kovalevsky of the Catholic register in Russia know or appreciate the hatred that the WTB&TS /Jehovahs Witnesses have expressed against the Catholic Church in their more than 100 years of publications and personal witnessing from door to door all around the world ?

    Jehovahs Witnesses have branded the Catholic church as the foremost and principle head of false religion of Christendom that has appostasisied from the true religion and labelled them as the main culprit/leader of Babylon The Great The Empire Of False religion.depicted in the book of Revelation.

    And they have been prolific in their more than 100 years of publishing condemning the Catholic Church in an unfavourable light.

    So it boggles my mind why a senior public Catholic figure would defend the Jehovahs Witnesses in any way,

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