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  • ballistic

    Having been off JWD for a couple of days and not knowing how to fix it, I can tell you that the new beta version of the google toolbar includes a pop up killer which stops this site working. This site just appears as text with no buttons or formatting.

    I removed the google toolbar (new version) and hey presto - I'm back.

    It's a bit of a shame as msn proudly announce every year they are the most popular search engine, when in reality the browser defaults to msn anyway, a scam if you ask me!!!

  • teenyuck

    Ballistic, have you tried changing the settings on the toolbar? I have it on and have no probs at is a screen catch of what I have:


    General options

    Search using:

    Open a new window to display results each time you search
    Add Google-related items to the browser's right-click context menu. Note: Changes to this option will not take place until you restart your browser

    Search box

    Search box size: Narrow Normal Wide

    Keep a search history in a drop-down list under the search box
    Preserve the search history across browser sessions
    Automatically run a search when you select from the search history


    Descriptions of each of the buttons are available on the button help page.

    Button text labels: All text Selective text only No text

    Search buttons

    Search Web button
    Search Site button
    I'm Feeling Lucky search button
    Search Images button, to search the Web using Google's Images search
    Search Groups button, to search Google Groups discussions
    Search Directory button, to search the Google Web Directory

    Advanced features are ENABLED Advanced features are DISABLED

    Please be advised that enabling advanced features has privacy implications.
    PageRank™ display
    Category button

    Page information

    Page Info menu
    Voting buttons


    News button, to navigate to the Google News site
    Up button

    Finding words within a page

    Highlight button
    Word-find buttons, generated from search terms

    Google Compute is ENABLED Google Compute is DISABLED

    Google Compute Client

    Experimental Features

    For the adventurous Toolbar user, a number of experimental features are also available.

    Default layout

    Reset the button layout to the default button set, either with or without advanced features. Please be advised that enabling advanced features has privacy implications.

    Reset Layout (with advanced features) Reset Layout (without advanced features)


    ©2003 Google Disabling this option will immediately clear your query history. Are you certain you wish to proceed?

  • teenyuck

    Hmmm...none of my buttons showed up. I installed it, left it as was, and I get all the goodies here. Maybe it wasn't the google bar? I love the google bar....I use it all the time.

  • ballistic

    Teen, I must admitt that removing it was heavy handed when there are options (options... what options? no one told me about options???) but anyway my palms were sweating and I was thinking of getting counseling.

  • teenyuck

    Ballistic, mine is right beneath the address bar on IE. When you left click on the colored word Google, you will get a whole list of options, one is Toolbar Options (right below it is Clear History--handy), click that and it gives you the options for the screen I tried to show you.

    You can try Default or play around with it and see what works. Anything to not give up google. I forgot how to Yahoo!

  • ballistic

    Thanks anyway, I need to dose up here before I risk loosing it again. This new beta version only just available obviously defaults to settings which block access.

    Worth newbies knowing this, thats what I worry about really.

  • Simon

    I'll try it out when it's released and, if it still plays up with the site, will see if I can work round it.

  • Francois

    If msn claims they're the most popular search engine they're fulla shit. Google does more searches than the next nine top search engines put together.

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