God doesn’t foresee/foretell future

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  • venus

    If God foresee/foretell future, He could definitely have foreseen the communication revolution we experience today and sent Jesus in the first half of 21st century [instead of first century] where the whole world could watch him performing miracles live as we watched Will Tsai, a young Japanes Visualist who brings dead fish back to life in AMERICA'S GOT TALENT 2017—especially because God’s will is that “everyone is to be saved” (1 Timothy 2:4)-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aF4wVD6cZ0

    If God does foresee future, it would mean that incident are foreordained in which case it is not foreseeing. But truth is that He has not fixed events. For example, He sent Jesus on to earth with some expectation, yet things went in opposite direction.—Mathew 21:33-39

  • waton

    Even in Jesus' day, there existed near-instant recording, manual writing of tax receipts for example, but while Jesus, the most knowledgeable man who ever lived, did not sink so low as to write himself, his biographers finally got around to penning it decades later. so

    g.o.d. has a safety time delay of decades build into his communication system, it is the past that is his pastime, not the future.

    talking of the future, if the creator is eternal, he has been already there, eternally, watching us, from a distance, what will evolve, as we travel through time.

  • ttdtt

    He does what ever the GB says he does.

    That way they can spin it how ever they need it to be.

  • waton
    He does what ever the GB says he does

    ttdtt: even Jesus fantasized about that: "-- whatever you bind on earth, is bound in heaven "

    the GB published many bound books, volumes, nothing of that wash ever triggered the anticipated "god' response.

    the GB are jw's god, (substitute the word in any publication) they reach no higher than that. Brooklyn, Warwick are near sea level,

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