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  • careful

    Most here are familiar with the history of the child abuse issue. One past policy the org had was forbidding parents to report the child abuser to police or warn other parents in the congregation of the abuser. They used to threaten DFing if such parents disobeyed the org in this matter. That may have worked with most married couples who were both in the org, but what about the case of an abused child whose mom was in but whose dad was not? Would not in all likelihood the husband/father has been rightly pissed off that "Bro. Abuser" was not brought before the law because of his wife's crazy religion?

    I find it difficult to believe that this never occurred somewhere. Surely it must have. So does anyone know what was done in such cases? Was the sister counseled to keep knowledge of the abuse from her unbelieving husband? The victim too? Did the elders try to talk the husband/father out of going to the cops? What happened?

  • Lostandfound

    I was involved with JCs in 80s re child abuse and the Legal Desk informed us that any parent was free to report issues to the Police, and we were to immediately cease any investigation or JC action if any report was made until Legal advised us otherwise.

    In the 60s the Societys policy , as was practissed locally, was todisfellowship before local press got news, so we could deny Joe Bloggs was a JW.

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