September 15th Watchtower, controversy!

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  • Colinconfused

    Hi everyone! Just looking at some youtube videos and came across a John Joseph May, a former JW who was involved in a controversy in ireland Back in the late 70s I think.

    It all started with a watchtower article september 15th ??

    Does anyone know what the article was about? And why so much controversy surrounding this.

  • Colinconfused

    Help guys!!!

  • darkspilver

    I presume the three study articles in the Watchtower 15 September 1981 pages 16 to 31

    Godly Conduct Toward Others

    • Dealing With Sinners
    • Jesus’ Counsel About Wrongdoers
    • Not Inhumane Toward Others
    • “As A Tax Collector”
    • How Were Gentiles Viewed And Treated?

    Disfellowshiping — How To View It

    • How To Treat Expelled Ones
    • Those Who Disassociate Themselves
    • Cooperating With The Congregation
    • Speak With A Disfellowshiped Or Disassociated Person?
    • Not Sharing In Wicked Works
    • Loyal To God’s View

    If A Relative Is Disfellowshiped...

    • Relatives May Cause Problems
    • In The Immediate Family Circle
    • Disfellowshiped Relatives Not Living At Home
    • Social Gatherings And Disfellowshiped Relatives
    • Lessons For All Of Us
    link to scan 16

    Link to scan 17

    Link to scan 18

    link to scan 19

    link to scan 20

    link to scan 21

    link to scan 22

    link to scan 23

    link to scan 24

    link to scan 25

    link to scan 26

    link to scan 27

    link to scan 28

    link to scan 29

    link to scan 30

    link to scan 31

  • Colinconfused

    very helpful much appreciated

  • darkspilver

    Also remember you really need to underlay the above with the Kingdom Ministry Service 1980

    The front page monthy 'Letter From The Governing Body' reported that there had been apostasy and disfellowshiping of some in the Bethel family and New York city area.

    On page two the 'Announcements' mentioned that Raymond Franz was no longer a member of the Governing Body and of the Brooklyn Bethel family as of 22 May 1980.

    See scans below:

    Link to scan

    Link to scan

  • Colinconfused

    Thank you kindly for the additional info. very helpful indeed.

  • darkspilver

    And this helps to tie the above two articles together - Time Magazine 22 February 1982 page 66

    Note the reference at the bottom of the middle column regarding the WT's changed view of somebody who was dissassociated compared to being disfellowshipped.

    Link to scan

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    This is the interview with Martin Merriman, the elder in Ireland who was shocked by the Time article about Ray Franz. He contacted the GB and was treated with all the contempt they could summon up.

    Martin's story was what finally convinced me that WT is just another scam.

  • Tenacious

    Yes, the controversy originated with Ray Franz and those GB maggots quickly tried to do damage control by issuing those magazine studies. They knew they had screwed Ray over real well and they wanted to make sure NOBODY believed ANYTHING he had to say so as to not expose them for the lying ball sucking maggots that they are.

    So how to avoid all of this? Prohibit members from speaking to Ray once he was excommunicated.

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