Another Brooklyn building listed for sale...

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  • sp74bb

    The old sports recreational area in Brooklyn is listed for sale :)


  • bohm

    Good catch. I think wifibandit might have scoped you on this one (he posted a building with a tennis court on top and it looks a bit like this), but the article contains more information. apparently they bought it in 1991 -- why on earth do they buy a building with a tennis court on top and do not change it for 25 years?!

  • sp74bb
    It was their private sport club... by the way, NOT open or available to ALL Bethelites, only by invitation.
  • oldskool

    Watchtower rolling in thanks to the current NYC real estate bubble going up and up. I wonder how long they can live on that cash. Any estimates on how much they have pulled in on all the NYC real estate?

  • pepperheart

    The downsizing continues GOOD

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    A JW sports and recreation center....did anyone else not know about this besides me???

    I thought our donations were for building Kingdom Halls in impoverished countries. No wonder we were always in the RED on the first day of our Circuit Assemblies even though our Assembly Hall was paid for decades ago.

  • sp74bb

    The worse was the seniority level to be proved to be invited there...

    A newcomer should be waiting years...

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