Who keeps the data of the 110,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in Spain?

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    Is Anibal Matos still serving as spokesman for the Branch or at least still in Bethel?

    I haven't seen him for a long time and I can remember the kind of interventions in the press regarding the blood doctrine and others. Although I was a true believer at the time, I could see that man was clearly a liar!

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    @Skepsis, Anibal Matos is not anymore spokesman for the Branch.

    He has a very good voice, but indeed... listening to him is the best chance to hear that JW stuff is really a lie...

  • sp74bb

    Human translation into English:

    Who keeps the data of the 110,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in Spain?

    A group of former members denounce "breaches" of the protection law; the congregation emphasizes that they comply with the law

    IGNASI Jorro @IgnasiJorro 16.04.2017 00:00 h.

    Who keeps the data of the more than 110,000 Jehovah's Witnesses (TJ) in Spain? A group of ex-members of the cult denounce "breaches" of the Organic Law of Data Protection (LOPD) within the congregation. The legal services of the organization respond that they "abide laws " in this matter.

    AbusosTJ, which brings together people who denounce sexual assault when they were part of the millenarian cult, warns that JW "asks for data from the people they preach without asking them to sign the cession."

    According to the same source, JW branch "replies some requests for cancellation out the deadline" which, in there view, "can be complicated for people of public notoriety who decide to leave the cult."


    Asked about the accusations, a spokesman for the JW legal services in Ajalvir (Madrid) has categorically denied them. "The Witnesses only ask for the personal data necessary for the proper functioning of the organization, just like any other entity," he said.

    When the person leaves the organization "all data, except those strictly necessary, such as the first and last name, in case this person decides to rejoin" are deleted. This minimum file scope would serve for the "good organizational order" of the JW.

    With regard to complaints to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), the spokesman stressed that "there are requirements that have been settled globally in favor of the congregation."


    Asked about the dispute between alleged victims of abuse and the hierarchy of the JW, Eloi Font, Managing Partner of the law firm specializing in digital law Font Advocats, recalled that the religious organizations datas "are especially sensitive."

    "These datas are protected by the maximum protection level, which means that the user must be able to exercise their rights of modification, rectification or cancellation, that they must be protected, their custody must be notified to the AEPD and specific contracts must be signed with suppliers if they access data "said the lawyer.

    In case of cancellation, regarding one of the assumptions insufficiently covered according to AbusosTJ, Mr. Font sheds more light. "The information is not erased, it is blocked, every data has a limitation period for public administrations, justice and taxation. The file should be blocked in order not to be used, and erased as the term expires,"

  • Crazyguy

    I'm surprised they haven't sold the branch there and just left the Spanish JWs to get thier spiritual food from another branch like in Germany. This way they can wash their hands of most of thier problems there.

  • darkspilver

    Hi Crazyguy

    I think sp74bb just wants the summary judicial details, that the BoE's keep for future reference, to be destroyed - which would mean they would be lost forever, and cases like child abuse can't then be followed up.

  • sp74bb

    @darkspilver Rather I feel keeping a file of exJW is illegal !

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