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  • OneFingerSalute

    I did not want to potentially hijack the thread in this post:

    Galling Meeting Today! Truly Nauseating!

    A couple comments were made there about this statement in today's WT. Then the WT study made it even worse. Paragraph 9 stated: "Humbly acknowledge your limitations and admit your mistakes".

    I noticed this statement in par. 11, "Giving reasons helps. . .see your decisions are not. . .capricious but reasonable." The question was, "When appropriate, why is it wise to explain the reasons for a parental rule or decision?"

    As there were not many in attendance the conductor called on OFS.

    My comment was, "Capricious, meaning not logical, instructions might be blindly obeyed by some, but if the logical reasons for a rule or decision are plainly explained it makes it easier for a person to willingly comply or obey. And as this section is stressing, that would indicate humility on the part of the person who is in authority."

    Afterwards I had many coming up to me saying how good that comment was. I wonder if they had a clue as to what I referred? Probably not. But I bet most here know.


    We must respond to direction from "The Slave" whether or not it seems logical, or sound from a human standpoint. ( I'm paraphrasing here..)

    I was disturbed by the reference to "repentance." According to the Flock Book, only unrepentant ones are DF'd. It seems that many ( even some in my own KH) are being DF'd for "crimes of passion", and others who have a "pattern of wrongdoing" like being a Pedo are not being DF'd.

    I know one guy who is notorious for getting sisters to send him topless pictures ( Sisters Gone Wild..) and spanking it like a bonobo, but he never gets DF'd. Then an Eldubs wife does something "public" ( I guess lots of dubs knew about it..) and she gets the axe.

    This is one legalistic, F'd-up cult.


  • sparrowdown

    The whole atmosphere of the cong is "arbitrary and capricious."

    Who get's df or just a slap on the wrist. Who they string out for reinstatement and who they let back in quickly.

    There was a MS in my hall who was having an extramarital affair and got busted he was df and after 6months reinstated and everyone in the hall went crowding around to give him a hug yet this young girl who faded away and started living with a guy they hounded her until they finally dfed her in absentia. When she made an effort to be reinstated they made her wait a couple of years and everyone treated her like trash even when she eventually got reinstated.

    It's not just disciplinary matters either. Who gets appointed via the fast track and who they hold back.

    Half the time there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to many of their decisions. And has little to do with "repentance" or "heart condition" or "obedience to those taking the lead" or any such thing.

    And that folks is how the GB like it - keep the sheeple confused not knowing which way is up.


    Speaking of confused, I may have confused a couple of articles. Anyway, it's still one F'd-up cult. Seriously, "God" can't do any better???


  • DesirousOfChange

    Seriously, "God" can't do any better???

    DATA, ain't that the truth!!! Any other Fortune 500 company would fire (a la Donald Trump) such a pathetic PR rep.


  • Lieu

    It's no different from the RCC. It excuses men while punishing women.

    God didn't allow Adam to get away with blaming Eve for their shit, nor was Adam given lesser punishment.

    Besides, you don't need to ask forgiveness of any human but the one involved in your offense. Uninvolved third parties are irrelevant, unless you refuse to apologize.

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