Separate Identity, Volume 2

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  • vienne

    Volume two of Schulz and de Vienne's Separate Identity has been out for almost two years. Some who would have purchased it were put off by the cost. The cost of a print copy is going up, sadly. However, it is now available as an ebook for less than half the cost of a print copy. Ebook is $20.50. It is only available from

    I'm partial to this book because my grand uncle and mom wrote it. So, yes, this is one of those "shameless plugs."

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    People who prefer inexpensive tomes can read the nutritional information panel on the wrapper of their twinkies.

    Extensive effort went into the preparation of these volumes, knowing they had a limited potential readership. A worker is worthy of his wages.

    My copy is en route to me.

  • vienne


    When you're finished reading it, please tell me what you think. Uncle B is working on volume three, the final volume in this series. I've read bits, and I think it will be exceptionally interesting.

    Mom and B kept three ring binders filled with source material. Last time I counted there were thirty, mostly 4 inch binders. I've encouraged him to publish some of the more difficult to find material in book format. I hope he does that.

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