Would Prince Rogers Nelson Have Been A More Effective Spokesperson for JWs Than Stephen Lett?

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  • TMS

    Hearing about Governing Body member Stephen Lett, I had to check him out on You Tube. In short, were I still a JW, I would be embarrassed to be represented by this mouth-agape, cornpone, dufus. He would be the kind of public speaker the local congregation might appreciate, but who you would not send out to another congregation.

    In contrast, the last few weeks I took the opportunity to play every video on You Tube where the late Prince Rogers Nelson explained his beliefs as a JW. The double standard Prince and other JWs experienced notwithstanding as well as the man's obvious non-JW dress and grooming, Prince fielded questions about JW beliefs and practices 100 times more effectively than Lett.(I believe Cedars collected many of these Prince videos in one segment, although others exist.) I've never heard anyone explain the JW aversion to celebrating birthdays better than Prince. He fielded a question about Barack Obama skillfully as well.

    Between the two men, Prince comes off as more genuinely spiritual, Lett as an organizational hack.

  • TMS

    It's pretty obvious that no one else in the ex-JW community, particularly those on this forum agree with me that Prince would have been a better representative for the WTBS than Lett.

    Of course, this is all theoretical, because Prince Rogers Nelson would never have been selected as part of the GB or even in a J.R. Brown role as a press spokesperson.

    Prince joined the JWs after losing his newborn child in whatever year, Fellow musician, Larry Graham, a JW, but, unlike Lett and other goobers on the GB, super smooth in presenting "the truth," converted Prince. Graham might have been the only person on the planet slick enough to convince Prince to be a JW.

    It may not be obvious to anyone else on this forum, but had Prince been featured on JW.com broadcasts instead of Stephen Lett, the results would have been drastically different.

  • stuckinarut2

    Interesting thread.

    Of course, no matter how "charismatic" a speaker is, they need to be "spiritually qualified" to be used by the society....

  • TMS

    thank you, stuckinarut2.. . I'm pretty sure I live in a different world.


    Would Prince Rogers Nelson Have Been A More Effective Spokesperson for JWs

    Than Stephen Lett?

    Lett Looks Confused 24/7

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    Prince Knew How to Get His Message Out..

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  • dothemath

    This seems to be the one anomaly from witnesses and other cults.

    Usually there is a very charismatic leader (Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc), but with us it seems very much the opposite.

    I guess if they ever come up with someone like that, then we should be worried even more.

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