Mathew 24 is it a parable and if so what does it mean?

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  • Crazyguy

    Each gospel has a scripture I believe that says that Jesus only spoke in parables so this must mean that Mathew chapter 24 about the end times is really just a parable. Ok so if that's the case what does it mean??

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    When The Lamb spoke of situations involving people and their actions he did speak in parables. Parables which are difficult to comprehend in a physical or carnal sense but which have profound implications in a spiritual sense. Lessons that we may profit from when we emulate the behaviors of love.

    At other times the Son of Man spoke prophetically. I suspect we all have the feeling that the WTBorg Cult Inc. interpretation of Matthew 24 is seriously flawed.

    I've posted links to this resource site in other topics because, for me, it offers the soundest explanations I've found on many things Biblical. Here is a link to search results on the site for Matthew 24 should any be interested in looking at what has been written there. It is all freely available:[]=&query=matthew+24&submit=Search

    I believe that we are approaching the End of This Age and that it will have properties quite unlike what The Cult teaches.

  • Ruby456

    it can be treated as a parable incorporating initiation as it clearly mentions birth pangs, beginning and end. Humans have evolved ways to cope with environmental and existential crises by rebirthing initiations. In these initiations individuals mimic real life crisis and come out of it reborn. In many of these they have cast off their animal vitality and gained birdlike flight qualities which we would call spirit (Maurice Bloch). when they return from the initiation to the village they have both parts animal and bird but crucially they are now conquerors of the animal part and can eat the animals and birds.

    the most interesting thing about such parables is that they attest the enormous changes in brain power, consciousness and imagination that humans have undergone and evolved to cope with life and to become conquerors of whatever lies in their paths.

    References to the end just means the completion of an initiation in my reading and also suggest why such parables are so attractive to us and almost compel us to join in. The beauty of it is that nowadays we can choose to enjoy the parable, what it achieves and crucially choose not to join but choose to watch others doing it with all their might.

    edit: I've had a look at the verses and it uses such words as beginning and end and birth - such it seems to me can refer back to very ancient initiation rites in rituals that are very resilient and attractive to us because we have brain structures that have been laid down by such means. However, as Maurice Bloch points out such endeavours are not innocent and harmless as many such can incorporate using violence or coming to terms with having to use violence and the consumption of the other. Perhaps this is why we have a feeling of great unease regarding our time in the watchtower religion - unease that somehow we were being consumed by a huge never ending entity. I'm thinking here of the large snake with its tail in its mouth consuming itself while it grows. goodness me I need a coffee now!!!! my imagination is running riot as I am still in Human Origins mode from Cofty's thread!!!!!

  • Ruby456

    in a nutshell crazyguy what I mean is that Jesus was talking to his disciples about their anxieties and matthew 24 needs to be seen that light. I don't think it needs to be taken as a lifelong commitment to preaching about the end of the entire system of things.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Millions upon millions of Christians in various denominations (and others) have been hoodwinked and convinced by their "divinely chosen" leaders into believing that every environmental/political/military/social upheaval indicates that the "last days" are here and that "judgement day" is just around the corner.

    From a strictly scriptural perspective, they are ignoring & ripping up every Bible verse where Jesus told Christians it was none of their business, (Acts 1:7) it would come as thief in the night, (Revelation.3:3) and it would come at a time when they (Christians) didn't think it would occur. (Matthew 24:44)

    There will be many people around the world who get out of bed this morning, but won't go to bed tonight. Live your life well.

  • Vanderhoven7

    "Without a parable spoke he not unto them" was situation specific.

    Jesus deliberately hid things in parables so that some would not understand. But he later spoke plainly and interpreted these parables to his disciples.

    Matthew 24, although couched with ample imagery and some parabolic elements is largely prophetic plain talk.

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