Let's play the "what if" game - a little thought experiment.

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  • doubtfull1799
    “If Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned they would have lived forever and we would all now be still living in paradise” is how Watchtower theology goes, right.

    (Well not us personally, as history would have turned out completely differently and there would be different people on the planet, not us. When you think about it you owe your very existence to the fact that they didn’t obey. If they were faithful you wouldn’t be here to even ponder the point. I, for one, am so happy to be alive, so thank you Adam and Eve!)

    OK, so lets take the thought experiment further, what if….

    Only Eve sinned and Adam stayed faithful - would God have killed her immediately and given Adam a new wife? Would she also need to pass the same test? Or would Eve be allowed to live and reproduce as she was in the Bible account? Does this mean they would have perfect or imperfect children? Who's genes would override whom? Or would Adam be given another wife to have perfect children with? And Eve another husband? Would there be two races of humans - one perfect and the other with inherited sin, living side by side until the issue was settled?

    Adam and Eve both remained faithful - wouldn’t the issue of sovereignty still exist because Satan already raised the challenge? The issue still existed regardless of whether Adam and Eve id the right or the wrong thing. Does that mean at some point some humans would have to try and live without God’s guidance to showcase/test Satan's side of the issue? How could the issue be settled or Satan proved wrong otherwise? Even if Adam and Eve obeyed wouldn’t history have been the same - at some point some humans would have misused their free will and wouldn’t that in fact be necessary to demonstrate the opposite of God rule?

    Oh what a tangled theological web we weave in Watchtower's "what if" game…..
  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    What if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned but we all got to exist, still. Stephen Lett will thank Jehovah for removing that extra chromosome and granting him some of that "mental int-a-lact" he talks about:

  • tor1500


    If Adam & Eve didn't sin...

    We would all be naked & happy...


  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    Adam and Eve are ODD and EVEN.......1's and zeros......Binary code is also 1's and zeros....its computing Adam and Eve.

    Generation (Genesis) depends on the erect penis...the "1" combining with the "0" of the female in order for generation to occur.

    It's the cross and crown.......wheel and axle.......rose and cross of the rosicrucians......"guns and roses" : )....male and female....yin and yang.

  • FedUpJW

    If Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned

    If Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned there would be no need for Jesus to have died, no need for any JW's, no need for the Almighty Seven in New York (well no New York either) no door knockers, no JDubya TV,.....

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