Witnesses copied the Egyptians about the "Heart"

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  • gumby

    This morning when I went online....MSN had a pop-up about how the epyptians believed the "Heart".....was the center of emotion! It told how when they mummifies their dead they took out the brain and left the heart because of that reason.

    I remember an assembly when they had a brain and the heart for props. They showed how the brain simply computes......while the heart made the decisions since the emotion to act came from there.

    I cannot find it on MSN now and so I looked up some info. on egyptian beliefs and mumification and here is what I found,

    Removal of those parts most subject to putrefaction was the initial step in preparing a corpse for mummification. The embalmers placed the body on a narrow, table-like stand and proceeded to their task. The brain was removed through the nostrils by means of various metal probes and hooks. Such a method necessarily reduced the brain to a fragmentary state, and, as no remains of it are associated with mummies, we may assume that it was discarded. An incision was then made in the left flank of the body to permit removal of the viscera, with the exception of the heart, which was left in the body.

    So it seems the egyptians believed the same way as the dubs.Of course the dubs didn't copy them purposely........but it shows the mindset was the same on that matter.


  • Hamas

    Hi !

    Thanks for the info.....

    They seem to like all things egyptian!


  • Mary

    Interesting.........the Egyptians were VERY smart.................BTW, I had an argument with my father about......guess what---the Truuuf again! He insists that when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and Pharaoh's army were all drowned, that Pharaoh himself drowned with them.

    I replied that that would be a neat trick seeing as it's generally held that Ramsees II was the Pharaoh of the Exodus, and that they've found his sarcophygus with his mummy inside...............man you would've thought I cursed God Himself by the reaction I got from that one!

  • AlanF

    Good info, Gumby!

    Please email me sometime, as I'd like to talk to you: [email protected]


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