Jehovah Created Animal "Kinds" - The Numbers Don't Match Up?

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  • LaurenM

    1. The Creation Story Taken Literally: God Created All "Kinds"

    From What is a Kind?: The Biblical “kinds” seem to constitute divisions of life-forms wherein each division allows for cross-fertility within its limits. If so, then the boundary between “kinds” is to be drawn at the point where fertilization ceases to occur...There is no support for theories maintaining that new “kinds” have been formed since the creation period. The textbook definition of species is that it is a group of organisms which can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. So humans of all races are the same species, but horses and donkeys aren't. [Almost verbatim the JW definition of "Kind"..weird - and there are over a million documented species]

    How Many Kinds Are There? JW answer: Whereas specific created “kinds” may number only in the hundreds, there are many more varieties of animals and plants on the earth.

    What does modern science say? It is impossible to breed between different taxonomic families. How many taxonomic families are there? A biology professor would say that there are (conservatively) around 20,000 families. In fact, The Plant List alone has 642 families listed: That's not including Animals, Protists, Fungi, Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, which were all purportedly created by God...the number far exceeds "hundreds".

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Last week I found out you and I got it all wrong. A JW educated me on the topic.

    You see, there are (a handful of) fertile hybrid species. These are evidence that *all* the different species within a kind can interbreed. It also makes it completely logical that Insight claims only 43 'kinds' of species in the ark led to today's variety. It's not evidence of relatively recently diverged lineages by evolution at all....

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