The Watchtower try to give a modern twist to the scriptures.

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I was listening to the September broadcasting, where David Splain talks about how Jacob met with Esau. And said:

    David Splain: How did Jacob react? Did he try to go “tit for tat”? Did he try to show how important and prominent he had become? With all of the blessings he’s received? Did he re-open old wounds? Did he argue with his brother? Did he say: You know, I was right all along and you Esau, you’ve been wrong? Did he demand an apology? No. There was a lot that Jacob could have bragged about, no question about that. There was no doubt that Jacob had Jehovah’s blessing. […] Jacob settled any lingering differences not with his fists, not with a bragging tongue, not with a weapon, but humbly. Like a real man. Like a spiritual man.

    Obviously, he is trying to make a point about how to settle differences between brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the story he is portraying is not what the bible reports.

    Gen 32:6  In time the messengers returned to Jacob, saying: “We met your brother Eʹsau, and he is now on his way to meet you, and there are 400 men with him.” 7 And Jacob became very frightened and anxious. So he divided the people who were with him, as well as the flocks, the cattle, and the camels, into two camps. 8 He said: “If Eʹsau attacks the one camp, then the other camp will be able to escape.”

    Jacob was scared. His brother was back with a small army and his camp would not have been able to hold its ground. He was so scared that he broke his camp in two, and moved them by priority: His servants at the front, so, if they died, well, he still would've had Le’ah and her kids! And if they died as well? then... he had Rachel and Joseph way at the back.

    Are these the actions of a holy man who was convinced he had the blessing of Jehovah? Really?

    These brothers read the bible and make it say things like they want to hear it. For example, at about 5 minutes in, he said about Jacob that he had 11 sons:

    11 sons in 7 years? How is that possible? Easy when you remember that Jacob has 2 wives and 2 concubines, or secondary wives.

    Really? Secondary wives? He had two wives already. As he had married Leah first, Rachel was the Secondary wife (even if she was first in Jacob's heart). As for the concubines, they were nothing more than mistresses that were living in house.

    Of course, to admit that the man of old were not satisfied sexually with just one woman didn't sound too good, so they say: Secondary Wives.

    Did not Abraham get rid of Hagar (a concubine) by sending her out into the wilderness with her son Ishmael? She obviously didn’t get the “secondary wife” treatment!

  • Wayward

    Bilhah and Zilpha were Leah's and Rachel's slaves. They had no choice. Which doesn't look so good for old Jacob. A predator who took advantage of the vulnerable.

    And what a coward! Hiding behind women and children to shield himself!

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  • steve2

    One of the most exasperating aspects of being a JW was listening to Biblical "object lessons".

    Their message has always been the same:

    "Stay in line, do not complain even when you've got something to complain about, suck it up, suppress it behind your lovely smiling veneer and do more and more and more for the kingdom; Jehovah knows so wait on Jehovah, blah, blah, blah". And the sheep bleat and return to the fold, sorry they even thought about standing up for what is right.

    Talk about disempowering the rank and file. Rob them of the capacity to see that, whilst some things can be put aside, other things need to be brought out into the open and aired.

    If its good enough to "expose" the vile practices of Christendom, how come it's not okay to expose the vile practices of JW organization?

  • berrygerry
    Hiding behind women and children to shield himself!

  • krismalone

    What David Splain said is an example of doublespeak. That is to believe and verbally advocate two opposing views at the same time and resorting to them when convenient.

    The Watchtower resorts to telling it's members to be humble, forgiving, not standing up for your rights, suck it up when you are a victim and of course to leave it in Jehovah's hands. They do this to keep the rank & file submissive and quiet when elders and others in the Congregation and even the own Governing Body commit injustices and they don't want bad publicity or their authority undermined and challenged. Justice and truth are NOT important in JW world unless the Authority and image of the Governing Body is undermined.

    However, when anyone starts a website and starts exposing the Governing Bodies hypocrisy and uses their own quotes and videos to show the world that they are brainwashed, power hungry cult members & inhumane does the Watchtower Society remain quiet, humble and just leave it in Jehovah's hands and forgiving?? HELL NO!!!! They get their legal team to go after you. They will even sue you to remove the videos and quotes. If you're a baptized member, they will disfellowship you and disgrace your name, calling you evil, apostate, demonized and demand
    that every other JW on planet earth shun you and treat you as a dead non-existant scumbag. If an "apostate" changes his mind and returns, it will be MANY years if ever, before he can have a "privilege" again. So these people do hold grudges and have their revenge against anyone that dares to undermine them. They even save your judicial comittee file indefinitely. Yet they shamelessly speak publicly about being forgiving and not holding any grudges or take any action against those that have wronged us.

    The truth is that the Bible can be used to teach and justify whatever in hell you feel like justifying.

    You want others to be forgiving towards you? Just quote the words of Jesus.

    You want to justify holding a grudge and revenge? Just quote from the Old Testament especially the accounts of King David killing thousands and his last words to his son Solomon where he tells him not to forget what a neighboring nation did to them and to kill them. How about David killing Goliat? Was david forgiving. humble and just left it in Jehovah's hands like the WT likes to tell it's members? How about Joseph? His brothers really screwed him over. Yet he DID NOT forgive them automatically. Only after they had apologized and truly changed did Joseph forgive them. If Joseph's brothers would not have repented and not apologized it is a fact that Joseph would have killed them all and justifiably so. Otherwise why did he test them?
    So YES it's proper to demand justice (Why would god or mother nature instill this in us?) when you are really screwed over and demand an apology even taking legal action. Of course you will not act like God's chosen men and literally kill people even cutting off their genitals (David did this to purchase Saul's wife....normal. kind people these bible characters are right? Worthy of imitation right?)You can even justify slavery, kidnapping single women (married are off the table except for King David) justify rape, killing you own children, killing people that believe differently from you, Just read the OLD TESTAMENT especially the book of Deuteronomy and you will see that god sanctioned these activities and more.

    One of the main reasons why I am agnostic (leaning towards atheist) is the blatant, morally contradicting lessons found in the Old against the New Testament. The Bible cannot be taken literally, nor as a moral guide. You need a lot of doublethink, self deceit and doublespeak to believe in the Bible.

  • 2+2=5

    11 sons in 7 years from 4 wives...... still reeks of bullshit.

    The primary, secondary and third wife would need 3 boys each. The fourth wife would need 2 boys. He would likely need to take some more women as his property to reach the 11 mark.

  • sir82

    These brothers read the bible and make it say things like they want to hear it.

    As concise a history of the Bible Student / Jehovah's Witnesses movement as you will ever find!

  • Zaccheus

    Thank you Stephane for catching this twisting of the scriptures, since I can't quite stomach watching any of those videos very long. I usually just fast forward to the goofy songs at the end of the broadcast!

  • Vidiot

    IMO, trying to give a "modern spin" to the Bible is virtually impossible.

    Doing so would undermine virtually every bronze- and iron-age principle found in it. :smirk:

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