Is there a statute of limitations on serious sin???????

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    several years ago there was a person in the position of Pioneer in the congregation I was attending. This person had a very dark side, had a way of manipulating others to think what this person wanted them to. This person also had a very shady past and apparantly had not totally put on that new personality and done away with all of the old. While in position of pioneer committed a gross serious sin that involved a close associate of mine. I did not find out about this until 10 yrs after the fact. But the second person involved had been eated up for 10 yrs with guilt and trying to keep this person from getting others involved also. Finally when it came out in the open, the second person involved was no longer around and I heard from a newly baptized person at that hall that this pioneer had tried to get (he/she) involved in the same type of sin that had been comitted 10 yrs prior with that second individual. She was very upset and took the matter to the elders who said they had never had any problems with this person...LIE!!!!!!!!!!......because right before the second person involved disapeared (he/she) told the elders what had happened and all blame was put on that individual..NOT THE PIONEER.

    This upset me to the point that I could not go out in service, because the third person was someone I studied with and I felt like I had told them all these wonderful things about the org. and now this has happened. So when the CO came for his visit I told him I had lost all joy for the field service because how can I tell people to come into this wonderful Org when I know what is happening. I told him that I am not out to get that pioneer disfellowshiped because I dont know if there was any repentance in anykind of meeting with the elders but how can that person still hold a position when others know about what happened. He said he would check on it and after a week came back and told me that the serious sin was committed about 10 yrs prior and this new incident that I just brought to his attention was about 4 yrs old. so they are too old to dicipline this pioneer for......

    PLEASE....where in the bible does it say there is a statute of limitation on serious sin

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    gumby dancin fool!

    Welcome first of all

    My daughters mother in law, commited fornication. She hid it for 3 years. During that 3 years she was an active witness in very good standing. She finally told about it and they disfellowshipped her for hiding a sin.

    Each congregation will handle cases differently which should prove something to you. Can you guess what it is?


  • dancnfool_60

    well, there are several other things that have happened like that so the claim that they are..(UNITED) is so far from the truth...


    Hey DancinFool!!

    Welcome to the forum!!!

    Dubs never forget!!!......kinda like I just ain't being fair to the elephants...

    I knew a sister that had an affair with a bro....they were both df'd...the bro married her (after divorcing his wife)...He died years later...

    She is alone now, and still in the df'd state...She has been trying for years and years and years to get re-instated!!!

    Last I heard she is still trying to get back in the elders' good graces...Twenty years have gone by and the elders won't re-instate her!!! Statute of Limitations my A$$!!!!

    ESTEE <-----of the "more-than-curious-about-your-dancin'" class

  • gumby
    the claim that they are..(UNITED) is so far from the truth...


    They claim it is Jehovahs Organisation that his spirit ......DIRECTS.

    I have seen the exact same case handled when one is df'ed and the other is not. One is cut off from all family and friends while the other is not. Thats pretty drastic when you consider the consequences for the df'ed one, and not just a matter of ...."imperfection in men". I have seen appointments made of ones who later were found out to have some serious problems that should never have had a position. This falsifies the Organisation claim that appointments are spirit directed......either they are or they are not!

    Nice that you can see the writing on the wall when it's in plain site


  • freedom96

    I have seen first hand that same "mis-doing" gets handled differently in each hall.

    My ex is an evil person, and after all she has done, she would have been df'd many times in my main hall I attended. In the one she is in now, they don't even touch her. And these are things all here I am sure would agree that would have been a df'ing offense.

  • dancnfool_60

    I want to thank everyone with thier responses. Sometimes I just feel alone in these thinkings but finding this site has helped me see I am not crazy. I know that the unity is not there and that is why some get diciplined and some don't. All I have really been serching for is answers from the scriptures but I am beginnning to see that there arnt any answers for the questions I am asking..(scripturaly). Only mans opinions or interpretations

  • Bendrr

    Welcome to the board Dancn. You are definitely not alone or even in the minority in the way you see things. If you're looking for scriptures, look for the one that talks about man leading man to his injury.

    I hope that you're seeing things in the Empire for what they really are now but never forget that there's still a lot of good people in there and the good people are always the ones who get hurt. I think I'm talking to one of them now.

    Hang around my friend.


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