all the talk of pedos made me remember

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  • rockemsockem

    I had forgotten this, but when I was younger there were several of us who were friends in the religion. I never really reached out and one of the guys was a MS. Well a couple were but this one we were close for a while. I remembered him saying that when his friend from down state came up to visit he would have his younger sister sit on his lap in the back of the car. As she would fall asleep he would put his hand on her crotch and grab it and say sit up like she was falling. He thought that was funny. She was about 9 at the time. For some reason I thought it was odd but not call the cops odd. But this was back in the 80s early part and things were different than now. No one knew what to do or who to tell if anyone. I remember when I stopped going to meetings for a bit I was the bad seed though. He stopped talking to me until I made an effort to go back. He is not one of the top elders in the hall. He has two kids in Northern Michigan. I can not say he would be doing this kind of thing today. I am no expert to know if this was a pedo related thing or some pent up sexual frustration with the no dating until you want to marry. I am not making any excuses just saying I don't know.

  • blondie

    As a victim now a survivor of child sexual abuse, talk of pedos makes me remember but not in the right way. Lately, there has been something every day about it here and in the media, like a slap in the face sometimes. At least I can walk away from the talk, victims very rarely were or can walk away.

  • waton

    realize now, that there might be a similar high incidence of child-abuse in wt land as is in the catholic church, above average of population figures because of

    sexual suppression , not "forbidding to marry "period, like RC clergy, but

    forbidding sexual relief before marriage " better to marry than to burn" but burning while you are waiting. A clear line should be drawn though imho, between violent child rape and "dirty dancing" scenarios. Any touch could have a sexual connotation. Humans are procreation driven. so: please See the bigger picture, get real. thats how I feel. but then, i was never raped, only seduced.

  • rockemsockem

    I had really forgotten about this. As I remember it was the only thing he told me like this. Same guy who would turn us in for smoking a stolen cig. but then come and stay over night and stay up reading my penthouse collection. His wife he has been married to since the late 80s had a double mastectomy. I know this upset him a lot. I don't think I would call him a pedo. but I thought that was out of line back in the day. We grew up you don't sequel. It was a different time. One can not look back on history and say this or that when they are not from that time. As I grew up I saw how people who told even when the elders asked them, they were still looked upon as low life. I only told once on a brother who was smoking. I worked with him, the elders were at my dads house banging the table and saying you have to tell us, my dad got up and walked out, and they intimidated me to the point I told. I then lost my job with brother and was given a garbage truck to go around the jobs and pick up scraps. From Apprentice to garbage man. I learned shut your mouth. Not to mention that being told something is not even evidence in civil or criminal court little-own the JWs.

  • The Son
    The Son

    Gosh, you people in the states are backwards. Why would you think having a girl sitting on your lap is pedo. Don't think to hard. I know you can even get sued for taking a nude picture of your little kids there. Here in South America women breastfeed as if it is the most normal thing in the world, and i would never think of my parents as pedo for some pictures they took of me as a kid. And yes, i would also have a young girl sit on my lap when were squeezed in a car with ten people. Don't have such a dirty mind, please...

  • Vidiot

    @ The Son...

    Pretty sure it was the crotch-grabbing that raised red flags, not the lap-sitting.

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