Thorn in the Elders' Side

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  • IronSharpensIron

    I've been out of the JW for some time. But I was just recalling this guy that had formerly been an elder, but had not agreed with the rest of the elders on some issues and had stepped down. He continued to go to the meetings, make comments at the hall and be critical of the elders. It was actually humorous, thinking back. They would just cringe at his approach and grudgingly talk to him. If someone was ever reproved or JC'd, he would get all involved and take the side of the person. He actually kind of had a following of his own friends (cliques) in the congregation. Just wondering if you guys ever had a person like this in your congregations?

  • westiebilly11

    Yes, several. In my 30+ years in, I've known several very fairminded and human elders. They stood out as able to listen to both sides of any discussion without being partial. They had hearts. They didn't always automatically agree with everything that came from the GB and often expressed constructive criticism of other 'superior' self appointed elders. Sadly most have died. They were very much missed.

  • ToesUp

    For 40 years, we had a family member that was very outspoken . He died over 10 years ago but was very critical of the Elders and headquarters. I don't think his comments would be tolerated with the current leadership. I believe, he would be DF'd ASAP!

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Me, too.

    That's what eventually led to me giving up the title. Just not worth trying to fight City Hall. Originally I hoped I could "make a difference" from working on the inside. But the bOrg Snowball already has too momentum for any one person or small group to change things. And HQ was continuing to have greater and greater influence on things at the local Cong level. The COs had all become Company Men instead of the old sincere, concerned Grandpa-like guys who visited 2x per year.

    It would take something that threatens the continued existence of the bOrg -- multi-million dollar lawsuits? -- the threat of the loss of charity or tax exempt status? -- to get things headed in a different direction. JMHO. . . . Doc

  • blondie

    When my husband was appointed an elder he was told to control me...........keep me in line! He told them he had no problems with, and could they give him an example....but then appointed him anyway.

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