Foundations giving thousands of dollars to the WT. Documents from

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  • oppostate

    There are a ton of foundations, corporations and groups giving money, thousands of dollars in contributions, to the WT according to documents.

    Here's one example from the Edwin J. and Patti Curtze Foundation:

    In this instance they get dividends from investments and disburse thousands to the WT.

    The total extent of these foundations that are set up to get dividend income then turn over proceeds to the WT likely is an important source of revenue for the WT. Definitely much more than Sophia's ice cream money, or Granny Pioneer's $20 bill every meeting.

    I would think that tracing the source of income from these foundations and large charitable donations not by individuals so much as by foundations and other paper entities may be one way to follow the money all the way to the Boys in Pennsylvania's coffers.

    What's your opinion?

  • oppostate

    The Edwin J's yearly reported revenues don't seem to match their income. They employ 3 people and only report less than $17,000 yearly. Yet their dividends amount to quite a lot in comparison according to the other websites reporting on their 990 disclosures.

    It was established in 2010 and incorporated in PA.

    Edwin J & Patti Curtze Foundation
    Phone: (814) 838-3232

    • Name: Edwin J Curtze
      Job Title: Principal

    There's sompin' fishy going on in Erie, Pennsylvania!

    One foundation does not a pattern make but the fact that CitizenAudit reports many such arrangements seems to hing at the WT establishing foundations which invest funds then return dividends under names other than the usual public WT corporations.

  • Sliced

    This is very very interesting!

  • HappyHappyHappy1914

    This "foundation" just seems like a wealthy witness couple who are using a non-profit foundation to donate to the org for tax purposes. I dont think it goes much beyond that

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I used to work in Erie, PA, Curtze was a food company then but the family got all sorts of roots in the Erie financial. There used to be a Curtze Trust Company that handled ... trusts. They show up on all sorts of 'donation' sites, including Catholic institutions and Humane Societies so most likely this is some trust that returns dividends as "donations".

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