Bitter sweet moment

by Jayk 5 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Jayk

    Last night I had a sit down with a family member and some older friends who went to my hall. Didn't realise my family member who is active has been feeling alot of the same emotions I have. My family member who is in high standing said he has alway been afraid to go to the elders because he has always felt they weren't ever understanding from his experience. My family member is very well off in his life and the fact he feels how I do means there is something wrong with us... the way my family member spoke of jehovah made me feel sad. I can tell he doesn't believe it entirely. He is college educated let's say and so alot of people look up to him. He said it took him years to understand it. His exact words to me where "we weren't raised for success".. Alot of factors are at play there but I really had to hold my tongue not to say how debilitating growing up in the org is... He doesn't understand how right he is considering he is 6 years older then me and only within the past year has he been feeling like me and wanted to step down from his duties at the hall.

  • stillin

    Sad. He would probably have liked it if he had done more with his life. Maybe he still could....

    Any ideas to get him out of his funk?

  • Jayk
    all we can is do is look forward. As bad as our past was we know the future can/will get better.
  • scratchme1010
    "we weren't raised for success"

    Indeed. Life is not over, though. There are always ways to start over and build the life we want. It's sad if you think about the wasted time and energy in total bullshit, but not so sad if you look forward.

  • Wild_Thing

    A college education will do it every time. If you don't start questioning things on your own, you will after going to college ... where questioning is encouraged and the proof of any "truth" matters. Quite the opposite of how we were raised.

  • Jayk
    He still can do alot.. literally anything he wants to. Besides being educated and would have found a good job. He married a witness chick and from what I heard....His inlaw gave them 1 million$ when they got married.

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