Flurry of Lawsuits Allege Cover Up By Jehovah's Witnesses (7-30-2003)

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  • Derrick

    The San Jose Post-Record, is a legal newspaper published in San Jose, California that carries articles of interest to members of city government, law enforcement, the legal profession and general public. On Wednesday, 7-30-2003, page 3 has an extensive article of alleged "cover up" by guess who? Here is the link to the PDF scan of this article:

    I have forwarded the JPG contained in this PDF to Bill Bowen at Silentlambs.org for review and wide area dissemination. It's one of the few articles where I personally recall seeing the accusation of an alleged cover up. Opening the paper by complete coincidence to the page of this article suddenly put the reality of this issue in my face in a way that is difficult to describe.

  • Derrick

    Well, no good deed goes unpunished. It seems that Geocities.com doesn't allow linking from message boards and blocks the display of pages from outside referrers.

    According to their "Help" screen the solution is for me to create a link on the home page of the site where the page is displayed, in this case Hourglass2 Outpost (H2O) home page.

    I'll go and do that. Check the very bottom of this page in 10 minutes from now:


    I'll create a new category "Jehovah's Witnesses in the news" and a link to this PDF file. This PDF will remain there for at least a week or two. I'll send a copy to Bill Bown at Silentlambs.org (since the PDF is easier for non-technical people to read than the JPG which requires a viewer and magnification adjustment).

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    It's too early on Saturday morning for that kind of talk. I haven't had enough coffee to even try to comprehend.

    Look forward to your next post.


  • hawkaw

    I'm look forward to this too.


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