Photo Drama of Creation

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  • jaydee
    G-day all,...
    I've watched on youtube, 'Warwick: A Journey to My Former Faith'
    and at 25.33 re the photo is mentioned that,
    It was the first major screen play to incorporate film.....blah blah blah...
    Back in 1914, this effort must have been a great piece of propaganda ,
    and probably still has some of that currency left today.
    Yes, and as JW's , weren't we so proud of this bit of propaganda.
    I, and others, were almost sure that JW's invented the entire film industry because of 'the brothers' efforts.
    Similarly, in 100 years from now, will be credited with inventing the internet.....LOL
    But now, I am not so sure it was quite as unique as first thought..
    Have you heard of the film made by the Salvation Army
    Called Soldiers of the Cross....?
    ............The Salvation Army's pioneering multimedia work Soldiers of the Cross premiered at the Melbourne Town Hall on 13 September 1900.

    Referred to by the organization as a 'lecture’, and once thought to be the world's first feature film, it combined 13 short films, over 200 glass slides, hymns, music and the oration of Commandant Herbert Henry Booth, who was the grandson of Salvation Army founder General William Booth. The production was released by Major Joseph Henry Perry, an enthusiastic supporter of the new film medium and head of the Salvation Army’s Limelight Department.

    Soldiers of the Cross ran for two hours and related the stories of Christ and the early Christian martyrs...............

    and for those who may be interested in the photo drama,
    this video from Brian Kutscher
    should be interesting to watch.
  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    The WBTS love pointing to the PDC and boasting of its supposed innovations, but ironically they'd never allow the R&F to watch it, as it's brimming with old light, i.e. arrant nonsense, even by their standards

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    jaydee I watch the video and found it very interesting. Thank you for putting this up. When in the Borg this one one of the few things I was proud of. How they was on the cutting edge for the time in using the latest technology available. Later they had their own radio station, sound cars and the portable record player. Compared to today this is all very primitive. Yet they embrace it.

    Wt. In later years fought back in using such technology. It has only been in the last few years they are embracing it again. But then again they are using it because they can control their flock by information control. Now they don't even need to talk at the door anymore. Going back to a old way of getting their word out. Instead of having a TV station they have a Internet site/ TV station or whatever they call it. Yet still trying to play catch up in this field. Again thank you. Still Totally ADD

  • Drearyweather
    But now, I am not so sure it was quite as unique as first thought..Have you heard of the film made by the Salvation Army Called Soldiers of the Cross....?
    To my knowledge, rather than being a feature film, Soldiers of the Cross was a multi media media presentation with slides, short vignettes and a spoken lecture.
    However, Photo Drama was a major screenplay which synchronized sound with motion picture (moving film) and color slides. In this, Photo Drama was unique in its time.

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