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  • Truth and Justice
    Truth and Justice

    Hi to everyone!

    Wow! What a list of new friends we have on this forum, I don't know if I'll ever be able to keep up, but that's Ok.

    I wanted to dive in to the post to talk about the Memorial. I do not have any intentions of going, even if I was invited. I have not gone to one in about 30 years, and with all that I have learned and read, as well as the information we can get on the internet, I certainly can not allow my conscience to view it as acceptable for me. Now, by that last sentence, I am only saying that about myself, with a deep respect for others views. I do believe in my heart that Christ's death is significant for me and that without it life seems empty and meaningless to me. So, what am I going to do?

    I plan to spend some time with my folks, and we will celebrate it privately, by reading some of the passages concerning his death. Our thoughts are, like scripture, and I'm paraphrasing "where there are two or more gathered in my name, there my spirit is." No need for extra literature to explain the importance of the event, only the scriptures. In the book by Ray Franz, ("Crisis of Conscience") it also was an issue of contention with the society because of individuals having their own private meeting in their own home. It is nobody's business what you do when it comes to reading or discussing the scriptures in your own home. From what I have read and learned, it apparently has been done by many. And of course, it is definitely not being announced everywhere.

    I also want to express a concern or an emotion that I have, and maybe you have had this feeling, it's actually very simple. I have a friend that is getting married to a wonderful woman. He sends out 200 invitations inviting them to his wedding and to the reception. So, I show up and attend the wedding, and then I go up the street to the reception. While I'm there, cake and beverages, and I'm talking the good beverages, are being passed out to the Bride and Groom, and the entourage of the couple, as well as the parents. BUT NOBODY else, not me, or the guests or anyone else get to have cake or beverages, we just get to watch them enjoying the cake and beverages. So how can I be a part of something if I don't get to enjoy the benefits of the reception. And that's how I felt when I went to memorial. I would sit for an hour and watch 2 or 3 people out of 80 partake of the emblems, and yet I always felt that Jesus was telling me to "keep doing this in remembrance of me." From what I know, I find out that I am not alone in that feeling. So in conclusion, I don't care about there rules, and it is in my heart what I feel. I also found it interesting when I was reading on this subject a couple years ago, that there are quite a number of people that when they went to the memorial, they would go to an individuals house and have another private memorial.

    Anyway, this is just my own point of view, and whatever you decide to do, make it a great day!

    Happy Trails to all! Truth and Justice

  • smiddy

    Just curious Truth and Justice ,

    Would you consider going to a Catholic or Protestant church to celebrate the Memorial to you are obviously a believer in the scriptures ?

    Where , if I`m not mistaken , you would /could be a participant and not just an observer.

    Just curious


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Beautifully expressed, Truth and Justice!

    I, too, read what Ray Franz wrote in his book about individuals celebrating the LEM in their homes and the harassment they received. It's our business, not anyone else's!

    Thank you!


  • Damascus

    Hello to all! I am new to this forum and I would like to share the following with you. I would very much welcome your thoughts on tis.

    I am an active JW but never felt comfortable with everything and never felt that I fitted in somehow but I have always searched for the real truth and the real God. It is a long story but I fairly recently over the past couple of weeks felt my eyes opening as I have been begging JHVH to show me the real truth. Now I am at the point where it seems all the main doctrines seem completely false and I feel I believe in a totally different God to their picture of him. I am going to have to go to the memorial this evening as I have people relying on me to take them but I cannot deal with rejecting the Bread and wine as it goes against my conscience. I am not anointed but just believe we should all accept this. I think satan is rejoicing that we reject what Jesus told us to do in his memory.

    So the consequences of partaking is that my congregation will think I am nuts/apostate mentally ill etc for taking it and giving myself delusions that I am one of the anointed. So who do I obey? God or man? But I am really not looking forward to all the gossip and back biting that will go on. Please think of me as I am totally isolated in my congregation

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Yesterday, I had an invite to the memorial, it was given by a man about 65 years old, who I consider without any element of kindness, sensitivity or consideration for others point of view.

    Anyway this is the kind of person who gives me an invite to the memorial, not a " former" friend but an invite from someone who I know despises me for the choices I have made.I also know this man wouldn't break bread with me on any other day of the year.

    Apologies for slugging the guy off, but on this occasion I hope it clarifies one of the reasons I won't attend, which is I would be viewed as an " outsider" and I have no desire to be integrated in to such a community and what I consider their fantasy life.

    The Rebel.

  • tornapart
    With family still in, I feel I have to attend but watching the bread and wine being passed round feels to me like a rejection. 'Thanks Jesus, but not for me!' My thoughts are that all christians should partake. There is nowhere in the scriptures that say there are two types of christian and one type partakes and the other doesn't. So I partake privately on my own. It feels the right thing to do.
  • FayeDunaway

    OK listen. Like smiddy said there are other options. My last witness memorial, I knew partaking was the right thing to do, but I passed it along because of public pressure. I felt like absolute crap afterwards. For a long time.I promised myself, and Jesus, that I would never reject him again.

    I now belong to a mainline protestant church. We celebrate the Lord's supper on the Thursday before Easter. There are different variations on it that our pastor likes to do, but this was what it was like the first time:

    It was a solemn occasion. We read scriptures leading up to the death ofJesus, about 15 scriptures at a time. There was a lit candelabra. After every series of scriptures, one candle was blown out and taize' songs (meditative songs) were sung. When we read the scriptures about the Lord's supper, everyone partook. Anyone who believes Jesus sacrificed his life for themselves can partake. You take a piece of the bread and dip it in the cup of wine. You walk back to your seat.

    More scriptures were read, more hymns sung. The church is getting dark as the candles are blown out. The last scripture is read, Jesus dies. The last candle is blown out. The church is in absolute darkness. We sit for about 8 minutes in total darkness. It feels bleak and desolate. Jesus has died and everything feels hopeless. Then finally,one candle is lit. That one candle is everything. It is the hope of Easter, of the resurrection. Everyone walks out without saying a word.

    On Easter, there were bells, trumpets, organ and piano. Singing, flowers, joy. Christ is risen!! He is risen indeed.

    If you go to the memorial and feel like crap to rejecting Jesus, but you have to go, find one of these real memorials at a church near you. It is either Thursday or Friday night!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Wonderful, bittersweet posts, all!

    I wrote in Steve2's thread about NZ's already concluded Memorials that my mother partook for the first time when I gave the memorial talk decades ago. That created shock waves amongst kith and kin, yet my ever kooky, dearly departed mum was beloved in the congregation. I have no clue if's she's currently asleep in the grave or watching down over us . . .

    My opinion on worries over rejecting Jesus is that many here do not consider the JW version of the affair theologically sound. You go tonight for friends, family, for yourself -- whatever. Have your own memorial privately afterwards, as some already are wont to do.



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