Anyone seen a Heavy Metal band album covers with JW images?

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  • GrownMidget
    I remember long time ago circling through different kinds of "evil apostate" websites and seeing an image somewhere which was an interesting one. It had two rather unknown metal albums with images taken straight from the Watchtower publications and printed on the album cover art / booklet. Both books and albums were put on display to showcase; assuming it was at some Bethel.

    Other image had the multiheaded red leopard monster from the Revelation book. The other image was older one having some tribe members ripping or cutting out someone's heart. I saw the photo once and then forgot about it. Now I would like to know if someone has seen it as well? If so, where is the photo located at or what the band names were? I tried to look for some time, but sadly I couldn't find anything related to it. I hope they have not gone into the oblivion for good...

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