The year was 1888

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    In the year 1888 Russell was probably finishing up his final touches on the soon to be released book The time is at hand. In this book he stated that Armageddon would come in the year 1914. In that same year (1888) a man named E.A. Wallis Budge was in Egypt stealing or buying and smuggling as much ancient Egyptian artifacts out of Egypt as he could , sending them to London. One such item was the writings of a guy named Amenope. It took Budge another 20 years to sit down and translate this writing. When he and his colleagues were done they realized they had what turned out to be the writings of the book of Proverbs. Upon further research these writings were thought to be older then the king who was given credit for writing them, King Solomon by at least 100 years.

    Once again it looks as though the writers of the bible just plagiarized another set of writings from thier neighbors and called it thier own. I'm wondering what percentage of the bible was truly written with an original idea or thought by the Jews?

    On a side note we read in Jeremiah scriptures that indicate Jerusalem would be devastated 70 years. What's interesting is there was a cures put on Babylon by an Assyrian King Ashurbenapal after he destroyed the city and deported the people stating it would not be rebuilt and would lay desolate for 70 years. Did the writers of Jeremiah and Isaiah just steal this idea too?

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