JWs leaving the cult, here is a story of one family.

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  • Crazyguy

    So a friend of mine will start with him. He's a typical JW goes to meeting helps out a lot uses his truck to move stuff around for the cult etc.. His wife gets bored with life and goes on a fornication spree and then gets DFD. He didn't like the way it was handled and himself during this time of emotional chaos has a minor indiscretion and gets privately reproved.

    About this time I help him to wake up so now he stops going especially after because he wasn't going one elder of his hall accuses him of doing something wrong again.

    So now his youngest kid stops going because no one from the hall is paying her any attention it's as if they don't even care. His second youngest stops going because her parents don't go and neither does her new husband, typical young newlywed behavior.

    So then my friend finds out one of his sisters is having and affair in another state and she is really not going either, the affair is do to being married to a typical JW husband that doesn't do anything not motivated doesn't treat her well and is just a air breather etc and she in her 40s is just trying to be happy for once.

    So recently his mother in her late 80s gets sick and in the hospital makes the comment that she wished she had never studied with the JWs seeing how all her kids have had it pretty hard being married to losers and one being DFD more the once mostly for petty stuff and thier elders are just overboard. This comment pushes the one sibling that's been DFD to go off the rails and calls my friend letting loose on the whole thing.

    So in the end 7 family members are mentally done with the cult, 6 aren't even attending meetings anymore. These people were long time members the original parents joined in the 60s. None were on apostate websites and only one was influenced by an apostate but only after he was already waking up so to the things that happened in his life and how the elders treated him.

    I think a lot more people are leaving then we realize and it's oh so nice! Anyone else have any nice stories of ones waking up?

    PS. my second oldest child is no longer wants anything to do with the cult except to go for social reasons. One down in my family and it feels great, I'll get the rest out I know I will!!!

  • zeb

    sounds like a group booking at the counsellors is needed.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Not a suitable family for an interview at the next Circus Assembly...

  • nowwhat?

    Maybe you could do a reality show. "Keeping up with the......"

  • carla

    I'm glad they have left, just wish it wasn't because of so much drama and pain for all involved. Hope they all go on to happier times.

  • Perry
    His wife gets bored with life and goes on a fornication spree

    I was raised in the truth but rebelled during my teen years. I was in all the way for 8 years starting at age 23.

    I attended 4 different Congregations during this time and saw rampant fornication & adultery at everyone I attended.

    From what I saw, most congregations were just a trashy Jerry Springer show.

  • smiddy

    I couldnt agree more carla , I too hope they all go on to happier times and more fruitfull lives

    It can only be a plus exitng JW`s couldnt it ?

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