Donation request?

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  • FadeToBlack

    This last week I started seeing little green toast popups at the bottom of the screen asking for financial help to keep the site up. Is it legit? If so, I would be glad to help. Just wanted to check first.

  • Simon

    Yes, it's legit, but don't feel you need to use it - in fact it doesn't actually even do anything ... it's just beta testing if anyone ever clicks it. It's a potential new feature of adsense and, well, when Google says "here's a new button" I can resist clicking it for about ... oh, I clicked it already.

    I think the idea is that it may provide a way for ad-supported sites such as this one to allow users to remove ads in a sustainable way.

    So just to be clear, it's not actually a request for donations, right now it's just me taking part in a beta experiment to provide feedback to Google.

  • FadeToBlack

    So is it related to the fact that I added an add-blocker recently?

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    My ad blocker is disabled for this site, but I've seen the donation popups too (though mine are blue not green) so I doubt it's related to that.

    I don't mind ads in general as long as they aren't too intrusive and affect the readability of the page. Sometimes I get an ad for Russian/Asian/Muslim brides that I report as inappropriate, but at least I can customize the ads I see which is nice.

  • Giordano

    I am going to remove my Ad block out of respect for the need of revenue. If given a choice I would be comfortable with an amount that would automatically be sent each month. I have a couple of automatic pay bills on things I no longer need. Things that sounded important at the time but are seldom used. I have clicked on all of the amounts that have popped up.

  • Simon

    I'm working on a redesign that should make the site much faster and easier to read (especially on mobile) and want to re-work the ads as part of that to reduce the number / make them less prominent. They are a necessary evil to fund the site (even actually quite useful sometimes) so I appreciate anyone who does uses an adblocker to consider whitelisting the site.

  • jwleaks

    Interesting comments relating to donations. I removed adblocker from this site and I am currently looking at a page of ads requesting actual donations of money, including ads from Red Cross and Childfund. I have no problem with this. Real charity work helps the world, unlike the Borgs self-only-benefit charity.

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