A chance to support the work of Reclaimed Voices by crowdfunding

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  • redpilltwice

    If you wish to support this way, here's the link to the crowdfunding:


    Excerpt from the website:

    The funding will be used for:
    · General costs of the Foundation;
    · Hiring lawyers;
    · Organizing and facilitating support meetings and/or workshops for victims;
    · In-service training of health care workers;
    · Setting up programs for schools to teach children about grooming, to raise awareness about borders, and about what to do in cases of perceived sexual boundary exceeding behavior and sexual abuse; as well as programs to assist schools in improving their signaling function of abuse and creating support for the children;
    · Research: among other things, (promoting and funding of) scientific research on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ worldview and their guidelines around the handling of sexual abuse;
    · Analyzing data from abuse stories that are shared with the Foundation;
    · To issue advise for creating a child-safe environment in (religious) organizations;
    · To cover costs of collaboration with government, politics, civil society organizations and media.

    Your donation is deeply appreciated and helps us to support victims and keep pursuing change.

  • Simon

    $120k USD for startup costs seems a little high. Is this an organization that will primarily exist to raise funds for its own existence?

    Can you give some idea on what proportion of donations will go to victims vs be costs or salaries?

  • jochie

    Board members and voluntiers do not receive a salary.

    These donationas our solemny used to cover the costs of the foundation.
    Do you know what hiring a lawyer costs? 360 USD an hour.

    More than 200 victims have reported to the Foundation. This is only 600 USD per victim.

  • Simon

    Volunteers may not get a salary but that doesn't mean that there aren't others that would. It would be more useful to say how much would go on salaries (for instance) as I presume that would all go under 'costs'?

    It might also be worth giving some idea of what the purpose and goals are - why is 360 USD per hour being spent on lawyers for instance? What are they trying to achieve? Are you saying there are 200 legal cases because every victim's case is pursued? What are they victims of and what laws are the cases about?

    'Research' and 'analyzing data from stories' seem like pretty vague things and it's unclear if all this is 100% linked to JWs or just child protection in general (and is it all child protection related?)

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