Broadcast on BBC News Service to America: Heart & Soul, "Witness Protection"

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    Sorry about the delay on this, but about a week ago (Sunday night?) at 11:30 central daylight savings time in the US, the BBC news service broadcast provided an in-depth discussion of Witness policy, law-suits and criminal proceedings in matters of child abuse, logs of incidents not shared with local authorities and disfellowships. It was practically the sort of story that many correspondents on this forum have waited years to hear.

    The above is a direct link to the website in which a podcast of the broadcast is available. Heart and Soul is a series

    of BBC broadcasts on religious matters world wide.

    I am surprised that I didn't see anyone else post on this topic. I was delayed because I was logged off and had some

    difficulty locating my password.

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    "Witness Protection"...

    ...razor-sharp. :smirk:

  • jw news 2017
    jw news 2017

    That's good to hear that it is being heard around the world :-)

    It was shared on here...

    Here's the programme on the YouTube channel,

    RunFromTheTower, for anyone who missed it :

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