cognitve dissonance

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  • zeb

    I have just finished a worthy book , "Wilful Blindness" x Margaret Heffernan, ISBN 978-1-84739-905-2. While writing about the big industries' like BP and Enron she also described in parallel the rites and rituals of the wt. ie sleep deprivation, fatigue, unquestioning loyalty, fear of being seen as different.

    'disconfirmation', made their beliefs (loyalty) stronger', and the title above, cognitive dissonance is detailed (p67).

    The WB that affected the biggest corps on earth also infects ones much smaller and of course the wts. I cant recommend this work strongly enough.

    I would love to see your feedback.


  • Ruby456

    thanks zeb - will check it out

  • Ruby456

    willful blindness and willful ignorance - (reading some of the writeups)

    some excuse themselves by saying it was too upsetting to think about. what about the victims then...surely their plight would compel one to take action

  • Vidiot

    "...disconfirmation, made their beliefs (loyalty) stronger..."

    Happens with doomsday cults, too.

    The individual's mental and emotional well-being becomes utterly dependent on the existence and cohesion of the group (regardless of whether the group is right or wrong).

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