Ananias & Sapphire and JWs

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    When people like Ananias and Sapphire tried to take the honor that did not belong to them, they were instantly struck with death-penalty. (Acts 5:1-11) When JWs did the same taking the glory of being God’s spokesperson on earth (by proclaiming to the world something as though God revealed to them—eg “Generation that saw the events of 1914 would not pass away”) God did not respond. In the same vein, when Moses and Aaron said “They were going to bring water from the rock” (instead of Jehovah), God punished them instantly. This would mean either the Bible account of Ananias & Sapphire and Moses & Aaron are wrong, or JWs are in for a big surprise.

    Jehovah has in the past blocked ill-happening coming on His people. When Balaam went to curse His people, Jehovah blocked the curse by using his angel and a donkey. When JWs proceeded to travel in the direction of a cursed destination of non-fulfillment of their biggest prophecy about “the generation of 1914” (which Newsweek magazine described as the “lie of the century”), why did not Jehovah block it from happening?

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    If nothing else, it should demonstrate to you that the Bible and its storys are nothing more than that, fictional storys.

    Charles Taze Russell started off his religion as a publishing endeavour which grew into a publishing empire and at the same time he was instrumental in establishing a real estate empire that his sucessors expanded upon.

    Lately we seem to be seeing a reversal of these fortunes with the sell off of properties all over the world ,the reduction in printing materials as well as the quality of such materials and the dumbing down of the content of the reduced printing that is provided .

    If the storys you mention in your OP were/are true ,then why has not Jehovah acted out his vengence on all the JW`s ,Elders MS ,and the rank & file who have committed crimes of every sort while still being in good standing as a Jehovahs Witness.?

    No such action has ever been taken.

    Google crimes committed by Jehovahs Witnesses ,every crime you can think of has been committed by them.

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