3 years after... hello!

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  • ohnightdivine

    Hi everyone! It's been 3 years since I last visited and posted here in this site. I wonder if there is anyone here now whom I've had the chance to interact through my posts and comments from years ago.

    I just wanted to share that:

    • My Bible study teacher tried to contact me all of a sudden 2 weeks ago. I still miss her, but at the last minute I was able to politely decline her invite for a videocall. What for? To "come back to the truth?" I just told her I was caught up with my work and school tasks and would be probably available some other time. She was a precious part of my past, but I can no longer be the "gentle, warm-hearted, obedient" 19 year-old she used to know. Heck, I'm almost 40 now. 😅
    • My other Bible teachers and congregation "friends" have said hello, join the Zoom meeting, etc. I have managed to politely decline or ignore their messages.
    • It feels great not to hear guilt-mongering talks, asking how you can do more, more, and more.
    • It feels great not to be mentally chained to a belief system and to a group of people who think they are the only blessed ones.
    • It feels great to not really have to care for much of the routines set by that group. Many were just going thru the motions, any way.
    • I have managed to enroll in graduate school and I think I can finish the program, hopefully, in a year.
    • I am back in the workforce again, getting busy and being productive, and able to care for my family and loved ones.
    • I am in a real, romantic relationship for the first time in my life. (Again, I'm almost forty.) It feels good to have someone accept you for who you are and together hope for a positive future while working on our own careers. I got kissed for the first time this year. (A big milestone for me!)
    • My close friend who is PIMO is still struggling with cognitive dissonance. And she's living with her fervent JW mom. I'm still trying to think about how I can help her.

    This is all for today from me. I hope everyone is doing okay despite the pandemic. To those who are new to this site, please please know that you are not alone. Help can be found here. A new job, a new hobby, a new place, a new set of friends can help a lot in lessening the pain of being a JW.

    Merry Christmas! Or, happy holidays!


  • truth_b_known

    Well done! Merry Christmas!

  • Iamallcool

    Welcome back! I also have turned down 2 Zoom invitations(Memorial and the Assembly) from my relatives. I get more shunning from them because I turned down their invitations. Well, I am not surprised at all. I wish they are more unconditional!

  • snare&racket

    Congrats x welcome to LIFE x

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