La. Church Offers to Pay Whites to Attend

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  • Mecurious?

    Hey just found this intresting article check it out:

    SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) - Week after week, Bishop Fred Caldwell grew tired of seeing so few white faces in his predominantly black church. So now he is offering to pay whites to attend.

    Starting Sunday, Caldwell will pay whites $5 an hour out of his own pocket for attending Sunday services, and $10 an hour for Thursday night services. The idea hit him during a sermon last week, he said.

    ``This idea is born of God. God wants a rainbow in his church,'' said Caldwell, bishop at Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Baptist Church, with a congregation of about 5,000.

    Caldwell said he has gotten mainly positive responses from his parishioners and from whites, a number of whom have told him they will attend his services for free.
    One was Ron Ward, who said he and his wife are the only white members of a church in a nearby town. Ward said he became frustrated after failing to persuade his white friends to join.
    ``It's time for people to stop being separated from each other,'' Ward said. ``I wanted to come down here and help this minister in any way I can.''
    Caldwell said he believes the country is too segregated in all areas, but most of all in its churches.
    ``The most segregated hour in America is Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The Lord is tired of it, and I'm certainly tired of it,'' he said. ``This is not right.''
    The bishop's plan has become the talk of Shreveport, a city of about 200,000, almost equally divided between black and white residents. In bars, restaurants and coffee shops, residents debated the idea of paying people to attend church.
    Some wondered whether the bishop's regular congregation would feel neglected.
    But many black congregants said they approved of the project and even donated to the cause.
    ``This is not just somebody paying white folks,'' said Loretha Bradley, a black member of Caldwell's church. ``It's the idea behind it that's important.''

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  • teenyuck

    They are sooo white they don't show up in the post. Now that's White!

    PS...nothing shows, except a blank Netscape screen

  • Kenneson

    How long will he have to pay whites to attend? Is it a one time initial gimmick? Maybe for the first time it will be o.k. (although it sounds a lot like bribery), but eventually if the message and the messenger don't cut it, nothing will.

  • Satanus

    I guess the white people see through it all. Let's hope they don't turn prostitute. 'Course, it is a good way for the destitute to make a few bucks.


  • jgnat

    I was a white person who paid to attend a black church in Harlem. I wanted so sing along with some genuine Black Gospel. I got my wish. The church generously allows a tour bus group to attend their worship services on Sunday, in the interest of exposing the "unchurched" to the gospel. The building was a surprise. It was a historic former Jewish house of prayer. A lovely lamb and lion mosaic marched around the room.

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