Vaccine Quotes

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    So... two quotes that are just shocking.

    Paraphrased, both in the Golden Age, February 4, 1931:

    "Vaccines will be the cause of Armageddon".

    "Having parents see their child being vaccinated is almost as bad as black parents seeing their child sold into slavery".

  • WTWizard

    People should make decisions on whether or not to accept vaccines based on whether they are safe and effective or not, not based on what some stupid religious leaders tell them. If parents think vaccines (certain ones or in general) are unnecessary, dangerous, and worthless, they should have the freedom to reject the shot(s) they feel are worthless and/or dangerous while accepting any shots they feel are safe and reasonably effective. And, if they feel that certain vitamins, along with or instead of the shots, are as good, they should be free to take those vitamins.

    And do so based on independent research or actual case history, not based on what some idiot that knows nothing about these things tells them. It is easy for someone to issue a blanket ban on vaccines when there are some that actually work (along with others that don't). Later, that ban is taken down--what happens to those that got sick because they didn't take a shot that actually was good? And, once the ban is gone, people are supposed to get their shots whether or not they are bad?

  • Simon

    Let's face it, it was a medical journal that suggested there was a link between vaccines and autism. This was not debunked by the medical profession and was given wind by people posing as journalists (really 'sansationalists').

    The medical profession is probably responsible for more people not being vaccinated than anything the WatchTower has printed.

  • GrreatTeacher

    That study has been debunked many times, found to have faulty methodology. Medical doctors, especially pediatricians, are still working hard to educate parents about the effectiveness of vaccines and the nonexistent link to autism.

    Medical research, even peer-reviewed and published research is always subject to further peer review and even debunking. That's how science works.

    Unfortunately, some people who don't keep up with current research will still quote bad studies. It's a problem, and people who do sloppy research and don't check the most recent updates can spread misinformation.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Many people have complete faith in our medical research and how it is managed; but is it justified?

    Once we succumb to the deceptions and stop asking questions in quest of truth, Critical Thinking is no longer possible.

    Question more. We all know what happens when we believe we have found "The Truth."

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