the quote I dared the elders to put in WT mag

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  • Chook

    I approach elders like a skilled lawyer, more than once I applied this. I would ask is it better to reveal a serious sin or is it better to hide. Of course we know the answer I received. Then I would quote their elders book page 38 paragraph 19. And proceed to reason with them that it says in elders book that if elder hid his immorality more than a few years and he had evidence of Gods blessing on his life he could hold his job as an elder.

    I had one elder tell me there was nothing in book that couldn't be in WT mag , I said bull, then I made him get it out over phone and I asked him if they would put that paragraph in WT mag there would be mutiny. I also said ,would a publisher brother be still on microphones or book counter if he hid immorality. To be honest this elder didn't even realise it was in there , I said if your worried ask your wife if it seems a two tier system. Then I would ask how do you gauge Gods blessing on his life so he can keep his job. We all know it's a BOYS club.

  • nicolaou

    Good call.

  • Giordano

    Obviously they would not publish that in the WT. This is a perk for the Elders none of whom deserve this unless it is a general rule for everyone.

    The WT reasoning is more about its corporate mentality then it is about honesty and spirituality.

  • stuckinarut2

    I know of one elder who committed "immorality" years back, and hid it. His daughter found out years later.

    He is now one of the "model elders"...

    Try being a normal run of the mill publisher and hid a sin! See where that gets you?

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    brother naughty had affairs, visited prostitutes, borrowed money that was never returned.

    was made a ms, then an elder in a short time by changing congregations.

    confessed ....

    then moved to another country that looked up to americans as superior . [haha]

    they made him an elder in a short time, he did the memorial talk and was the COBE with in a year.

    I always wonder about the letters of recommendation that are sent. hmmm

  • ttdtt

    Here it is out of the book.

    “19. If it comes to light or an appointed brother confesses that he has committed a disfellowshipping offense years in the past: The body of elders may determine he can continue to serve if the following is true: The immorality or other serious wrongdoing occurred more than a few years ago, and he is genuinely repentant, recognizing that he should have come forward immediately when he sinned. (Perhaps he has even confessed to his sin, seeking help with his guilty conscience.) He has been serving faithfully for many years, has evidence of God’s blessing, and has the respect of the congregation.”

    Excerpt From: WATCHTOWER. “Shepherding textbook (ks10-E).” iBooks.

  • smiddy

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander ,let`s see that same principle apply to the average Bro and Sis , in the congregation.

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