A look at the sins of the Governing Body members of the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Finkelstein

    The leaders of the JWS and the IBSA had their own unique inherent sins ingrained in their teachings and established doctrines.

    C T Russell taught and preached Pyramidology to establish the date of Jesus's return and subsequent Armageddon. This fixated date setting carried over even when he passed on and the following leaders of the WTS propagated new dates such as 1925, 1975 etc.

    It would appear the leaders of the WTS created more relevance and importance toward themselves than even Jesus and his spoken words of direction and how to be one his chosen select.

    It would appear also that the leaders of the WTS/JWS were more involved in creating their own power and money through the organization that they created in their endeavor as proliferating literature charlatans.

    The doctrinal mistakes that have come out of these men are many, from setting dates of Christ's return, to mistakes on blood transfusions, memorial mistakes, encouraging and influencing children to get baptized, over use of disfellowshiping , sometimes done so to protect their wrongly devised doctrines.

    They sinned by removing complete sentences and words right out the bible, subjectively done so to support their own doctrines and interpretations.

    What other sins can you think of and add to this list ?

  • Finkelstein

    No one else thinks the GB members are corrupt by their opportunistic venture to self empowerment ?

  • stillin

    Fink, there may have been some well-meaning leaders mixed in with JW leadership, but the whole set-up revolves around self-promotion, despite the party-line saying that appointments are made by Holy Spirit.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The people who wrote the "Matthew" Gospel warned their people against listening to those who claimed to be "the Christ" (24:5).

    This Greek word "Christ" means "the Anointed".

    So, watch out for those who claim to be "the Anointed" even "self-anointed".

  • Vanderhoven7

    Adding to the Bible- eg. Inserting the name of Jehovah 237 times to the New Testament.

    Adding submission to the GB/FDS to the salvation formula.

    Changing the nature of Christian salvation from eternal spiritual salvation to temporary physical survival.

    Denying the benefits of the gospel to 99 percent of believers.i.e., etetnal life, heavenly hope, Spirit begettal, righteousness, justification etc.

    Altering the means if salvation. Denegrating faith by Adding works to the salvation formula. Denying that the blood of Christ is sufficient to cleanse from all sin.

    Denying the mediatorship role of the Lord to most Christians.

    The list goes on how they have changed the gospel of Christ and judged all non JW Christian's to be worthy of eternal destruction.

    The list goes on.

  • Finkelstein

    Good points there Vanderhoven

    Probably one of the most poignant of sin would have to be the identification of being false Prophets through Scripture and the words of Jesus Christ.

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