Question re Ministry Work.

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  • Englishman

    Do dubs still do 2 different types of ministry work? I recall that Saturdays was "Magazine work" and Sundays "Sermon work".

    Also, did your ministry work tail off long before you left? I recall, close to the end of my time, suddenly finding myself on a pre-group "effort" and realising that I hadn't knocked on anyone's door for over a year, all my publisher time having come from casual conversations about dubdom.


  • shamus

    We always called Saturdays "magazine work" day, and the other daze were just "going out in service"... (strange how it sounds like drudgery even typed out on the keyboard, doesn't it?)

    One cong I went to service dropped off dramatically, which was good b/c we covered our territory every 6 months! Bleah!

  • GentlyFeral
    did your ministry work tail off long before you left?

    Well, the last 2-3 years before I left, I was borderline inactive -- as I was intermittently throughout my jaydub career. But a year before I left, I told Jehovah in prayer, "I am never witnessing to anyone again! And the elders can just choke on it!"

    I kept that promise.


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