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  • jws

    My son, his girlfriend, and I were on a little bit of a light rail adventure yesterday. It was mid-afternoon and there was an area where tracks were being worked on and we went on foot. I passed by my first witnessing cart. I was with my son and his girlfriend and we were on a mission to kind of explore downtown so I didn't want to get into it. So I just passed and said something like "And Jesus returned 105 years ago? Yeah, right". And kept walking.

    Browsed some areas, went someplace else, then being hot, decided to pop into McDonalds for their new slushis. There was one person taking orders and people kind of spread all over. There was a couple maybe in their late 50's. Kind of off to the side and people were starting to form into more of a line. I told them that they were there before me and that they should be ahead of me. Later, I'm waiting for slushis and the woman is there. And she said something about me walking by and saying something while she was at the cart. I hadn't even paid attention. This couple was the cart Witnesses. Now we could talk. I said some things about 105 years, Really? You believe Jesus came invisibly in 1914. And how 607 was wrong, 1914 was wrong, etc. She stuck by it and said it's gonna happen any time and we have to be ready. I said my dad used to be JW. Since the 50's, the end was going to come any day. He died 10 years ago thinking he'd see the end. Still nothing. She stuck by her story that we can't give up on Armageddon coming. And I left her with the question of whether she ever considered she might be wrong.

    Afterwards I thought of other things I could have added. Like 607 always being wrong. How CT russell originally started the gentile times at 606 BCE, backing up 70 years from the fall of Babylon in 536 BCE. But then, 536 was found to be 539. They figured out there was no 0 year, but somehow with all of that, you still ended it at 1914. And that 70 years now ended 2 years after the king of babylon was punished unlike what the bible says. And that this end was supposed to come before the generation that saw 1914 had died off. Yet as that 1914 generation reached 80 (if of special mightiness), they changed it to be longer. And now overlapping generations. Historians have always stuck to their timeline of ancient babylon. While they keep changing their story. Who are you going to believe? And I should have added that if, back in the 80's, you said this system would go until 2000, you'd be an apostate. Yet here we are, close to 2020. Who's wrong now?

  • Finkelstein

    Let it be accepted that the WTS devised and preached Gospel had much to do about literature proliferation, not necessarily backed by bible scripture.

    In a matter of fact the JWS' preaching goes against Jesus's instructions for preaching his Gospel of a new Kingdom order.

    Why is it that out the hundreds of different Christian faiths around the world that only the JWS (Watchtower Corporation ) have said that Christ took his heavenly throne in 1914 ?

    Because its not backed by scripture but Christ did say that no one knows of the " Time" not even he .

    So from that we can see the JWS falls into the identification as being a false prophet Scripturally.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Ive asked them:

    If Jesus came into his kingdom already then why do they still celebrate the Memorial?

    Why is it that women can partake of the emblems and rule with Jesus in heaven but here on earth they aren't allowed to teach the Bible in the presence of a man unless they're wearing a head covering?

    One time I showed them the photos I keep on my phone (shown below) and asked if the people shown would also have been sure that they would never die or that they had the correct understanding and if so, where are they now?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Most JW's can't/won't try to explain the cult's interpretations on chronology.

    I feel that a 'yes' or 'no' question - followed by the Bible's answer - usually invokes the rabbit the headlights look, followed by a mumbled and anti-scriptural reply.

    Prime example: "Were foreigners participants in the Mosaic covenant?" (JW's have to answer 'no.')

    Deuteronomy 29:10-15 clearly debunks this teaching by proving that they were. Therefore, the org is using 'foreigners' as a type/antitype for rank & file JW's in order to create their 2-tier Christianity and to exclude them from partaking at their 'rejection of Christ' ritual every year.

  • Tenacious

    The real zealous ones (not sure if they were) once they find out you know a bit about them will start blocking you out mentally. So any rebuttal or questions from you will always be wrong and even though it may contradict their teachings and it comes right from the bible, they will find a way to rationalize it so as to avoid the very painful cognitive dissonance. If you go on YouTube you can actually see this playing out when a true Christian confronts them and instead of offering an incorrect rebuttal or one that would prove them wrong their "fight or flight" instinct kicks in and they tuck tail and run. It's rather fascinating to see from a psychological perspective.

    Since she was not in a position to remove herself she had no choice but to listen but mentally she was probably tuning you out. If you were kind and caring when you spoke with her she may have heard your last statement. We always listen to the parting message since on that message the interaction ends. Communication ends. But that's why the leaders want these people at each meeting. They need to continually reinforce their authority in their mind. What a sad, sad way to live. They live in a fantasy world where "they have to prepare for it."

    You believe Jesus came invisibly in 1914. And how 607 was wrong, 1914 was wrong, etc.

    She didn't hear you although she may have responded.

    Since the 50's, the end was going to come any day. He died 10 years ago thinking he'd see the end.

    She didn't hear you although she may have responded.

    And I left her with the question of whether she ever considered she might be wrong.

    Excellent question that hopefully planted a seed of doubt. Hopefully, something she hears or sees may prompt her to dig a little deeper.

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