That Most Uneven of Judicial Procedures~The Gradual Lifting of Restriction After Reinstatement

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  • TMS

    Those with substantial experience as JWs will likely agree that judicial matters are handled with considerable inconsistency. Elders certainly vary in skill level, understanding, compassion or even knowledge of the Talmudlike Watchtower rules. The punishment and, it is actually punishment, for similar offenses can result in anything from private or public reproof to disfellowshipping or sometimes an elder will choose to simply offer private counsel without even bringing the matter before the body of elders. Elders themselves with a "secret sin" they've been hiding for several years, may even avoid judicial action altogether if its determined that their life shows evidence of "Jehovah's blessing" in the intervening years of concealing the sin. Their theocratic appointment and privileges are considered part of that evidence. Did you know that?

    Perhaps, the most variant of procedures is the so-called gradual restoration of privileges after reinstatement. While some committees restore all the privileges in very short order, other so-called spiritual shepherds insist on perfect meeting attendance and other arbitrary standards to gradually restore so-called theocratic privileges.

    It can be a very inhumane procedure. Just think, the formerly lost lamb, has just spent from six to eighteen months or more groveling to the elders, sitting at the back of the hall, coming in just before the start of the meeting, while leaving quickly afterward. Now, after finally being judged "repentant" by three men, a similar process begins with attempting to regain full, ordinary congregation function, without restrictions. What damage this must do to the human psyche.

  • opusdei1972

    I was disfellowshipped in Argentina, then I was reinstated in Brazil (many years ago), but it took just 18 months of attendance. Then, when reinstated, I did not know that I could not give public comments. So I gave a public answer on a question of the Watchtower's Study. Then, the elders called me and told me that I must not do that, because I have to wait until the elders decide to give me back the privilege of public comments. So, I was shocked, because what kind of reinstatement was that??...So, I started to note that the Watchtower religion was a religion of humiliation, which you must frequently be notified that you are nothing and sinner before Jehovah's Organization.

    Fortunately, now I know TTATT.

  • opusdei1972

    I also have to say that after attending two judiciary committees, the first for other person, and the second for judging me, I had no more trust in talking to an elder about personal issues. I realized that most of the elders feel an insane orgasm due to their inquiries on sexual issues. They want to know every detail.

  • Vidqun

    On the subject, I know of a sister that applied for reinstatement. The elders told her: "Don't call us, we'll call you." So they will decide whether the person has repented enough. They will decide whether the heart condition of a person has improved to such an extent that he/she can be reinstated. Methinks they have taken over Jesus' role as judge. Now that's presumptuous. What idiots!

  • Darryl

    I went to exactly 2 meetings and a JC meeting since I was df'd almost 20 years ago. The first meeting was a book study at of course the kingdom hall. It was between them telling me I was df'd and them telling the rest of the cong nobody knew yet but of course I was not permitted to go to anyone's home. I remember the elder that was on the committee was in that book study but not the conductor. I could tell the kids already knew because of how they were looking at me. I had gone with my wife at the time and we were sitting together near the back but I remember at one point during the study the elder stood up and walked to the back of the room behind me for a few minutes. I don't know if he was looking to see if I had studied or what I didn't know what was going on. The next meeting was the Sunday meeting I did the whole get there late sit in the back thing I inadvertently sat in someone's seat who had taken their baby out so when they got back I had to move. I looked around a little and caught the eye of a "sister" who was giving me the most evil look you could imagine. The funny thing was her husband had just been df'd around 2 months prior and was at every meeting since. I have no idea what he was df'd for but maybe she thought it was for homosexuality and I was his lover. I swear that's how evil the look was she was giving me. I only went because I had sort of promised my mother that I would work myself back in I only said it because it was what she wanted to hear not because of what I wanted. After that meeting I said the hell with this I don't want back in and never stepped foot in a KH again. Well actually I did for a JC meeting as I stated. They called me and asked if I wanted to meet, it had been about a year and since I got df'd I wrote them a letter and came clean about all the sinning I had been doing since my teens. Anyway they asked if I wanted back in I said I guess t would be nice to be...another elder interrupted NO DO YOU WANT TO BE BACK IN?? Like I said I guess it would be........DO YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES?? I guess not really. You called me by the way. I will always regret going to those 3 meetings. Actually I regret every meeting I ever attended. The early ones I had no choice but my dad was an unbeliever so as I got into my teens I should have just refused to go like my older brothers. But no I had to be one to get baptized and make mommy proud. But now she talks to the 3 who walked away years and years ago and never got baptized including one who's been in and out of jail since he was about 15 but has no dealings at all with me. Aint that some shit

  • punkofnice

    In a nutshell, it's no way guided by holy spirit. It's the whims of the biggest bully on the BOE.

    When I was an elder we had a 'brother(tm)' that was 'reproved(tm)' and the biggest bully said to me one day, "Oh, yeah. I forgot about him....errrrr......tell him he can answer at meetings again."

    It's a s simple as's a boys club in there!

  • blondie

    I know a sister who was put on restrictions, including no answering and no talks on the school. One day she looked on the board and saw she was scheduled to give a talk. None of the elders from her JC had said anything to her, one of which was the school overseer. So she approached him and asked if she was off restrictions because he had put her on the school schedule, did he know something she hadn't been told. He quickly grabbed the other 2 elders, disappeared in the back room and told her she was off restrictions and they had forgotten to tell her, more like the school overseer had let it slip his mind. So much for knowing the appearance of the flock.

  • Londo111
    Come to think about it, even "worldly" people have the "privilege" of commenting at meetings.
  • blondie

    No commenting and no talks but you can door to door and represent yourself as a jw

  • Sliced

    I had been publicly reproved and had my so called "privileges" taken away. It was a GREAT BREAK from giving talks etc! haha But over time, I was wanting to at least comment at the WT since you were judged accordingly. A WHOLE YEAR had lapsed and when I asked the elders- one had the nerve to tell me, "Oh, yeah, we were wondering when you were going to start commenting again." ???? HELLO. No one consulted with me or told me I even COULD comment again... come to find out, I supposedly had my privileges back for over 6 months but was never informed. Yeah... so...

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