Platform Memories

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  • tazmaniac

    What is the most memorable funny or inadvertant mistake or silly outfit that you have ever seen on the platform at the kingdom hall. Reach way back into your memory banks and try and come up with your best. I will start the ball rolling with a funny happening. Well....maybe not funny for the sister that it happened to but.......

    It was time for the sisters talk on the platform. The school overseer would give a gentle signal to the next speaker and they could get seated during the counsel portion of the previous talk. This poor sister was in a rush with her family that night. About 5 minutes before her talk she went to the ladies room to relieve herself. By the time she got out the school overseer was already counseling the young brother for his very eloquent but only 3 minute talk. The sister rushed to the platform on the way tapping the shoulder of her partner. They promptly sat down with a few moments to spare. The sister very professionally placed out her materials, she quickly ran her fingers thru her hair as a last minute spruce up. The school overseer announced the talk etc. The sister begins her talk but no one in the audience is listening. Why ? Well in her mad rush to get out of the bathroom and get to the platform she had tucked over one third of her dress into her underwear and panty hose. Her right "cheek" was all but exposed. No one knew quite what to do at that moment. Finally after red faces and several young children leaving the 1st school for fear of blurting out in laughter, another sister came up to the platform as smooth as silk. She grasped the dress and gently tugged it back out. The sister turned to her without the slightest it was part of the talk and said.."why thank you sister" and proceeded to finish her talk. To say the least the audience was near to the point of bursting. The school overseer however was looking down at the school guidebook during that part and had no idea why an unscheduled sister was on the platform and then left quickly. He noted it in her counsel saying that it was innapropriate to have additional persons on the stage during the talk. We all nearly died.

  • onacruse


    I was in a SM part about "workers in the field." I was 15/16...the bro got some old clothes for me and another bro (Jan) to dress up...ratty old coats, pants about 3x my size, a couple of shovels. Put them on over our suits.

    So, there we were, standing (no words from us, just stage props ), and I was holding up my pants with my hand through the coat pocket. Got to chuckling, and all of a sudden the whole audience breaks out into a KH full of belly-laughs. The PO was was sitting in the front row, and he was almost on the floor. Jan and I couldn't figure out what was so funny...then I looked down and saw that my pants had fallen to my ankles.

    It was a 15 minute the time the KH settled down, the bro had run out of time and just said "thank you"...and tha...tha...tha...that's all folks!. LOLOL


  • minimus

    Elder would sit his big German Shepherd on the platform while he gave his Public Talk.....Yes, he was partially blind. The dog was very well behaved.

  • MrsQ

    When I was very young (6 years old), my parents had me up there for some demonstration. I think we were doing some 'ideal family bible study' or something.

    Well, you know, for a 6 year old kid, 9:00 pm is pretty late. I was tired! So, I put my chin on my hands and fell asleep on the platform!

    Now that I think of it--that was probably the most accurate rendition of a family bible study anyone ever gave...


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