What the craziest thing you have heard of someone hauled before a judicial committee for ?

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  • Chook
    Anything that's true
  • Rainbow_Troll

    Back when I was about 11 years old my best friend's big sister was tried and DFed for 'kidnapping' after she drove some JW kids to an amusement park without their parent's permission (I don't know where they thought their kids were going). She was so angry that she didn't even apologize or try to get reinstated. Her side of it was that she thought the parents knew and just wanted to do those kids a good turn. For many years I admired that woman, even though I barely knew her. Sadly, she has recently rejoined the flock. I guess it's nice that she and her sis can be buddies again, but I was hoping she would keep it up, since she was the only member of that family to ever leave. Did I mention that she was an elder's daughter?

  • pale.emperor

    I do remember a girl i was friends with when we were in our late teens and she had a secret "worldly" boyfriend. She was called into a JC because this boyfriend touched her boobs. Her sister ratted her out and she sat on a JC. She later told me that she was asked by these old men how he touched her boobs. Did he squeeze them? Did he move them around and around? Did he stroke her nipples? Did she enjoy it? How long did he do this for? Was it both boobs at the same time or just the one? What where you wearing? Did he kiss them? What did you think of as he was doing this?

    As you can imagine, she left the Watchtower after this ordeal and said - and i quote - "It felt like a rape. Not what by boyfriend did, but the way the elders leered and questioned and asked for sordid details about it".

  • snugglebunny

    There was a lady in my old congregation who one day was visited on spec by Mormons. They invited her to pray with them and she agreed. When they'd finished she stood up and exclaimed "Oh how lovely!" She was an instant convert and subsequently disfellowshipped for apostasy.

    This led to a "special talk" on the dangers of praying with non-witnesses as this could lead to demons taking over the person's mind while it was in a receptive state.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @pale.emperor I'm sorry, but I F*CKING HATE these disgusting questions elders ask. WTF. Even when I was still in the organization and would listen to reinstated ones talk about their JCs and the REPUGNANT and totally unnecessary questions they were asked, I would FLIP MY SH*T over how inappropriate and WRONG it all was! But the reinstated ones would tell me with earnest, "they do it out of love. They need to know exactly what went wrong and how it went wrong so they can guide you from making the same mistake again." The sisters who went through the questions in their JCs were basically saying they were GRATEFUL for the repulsive elders asking such perverted questions. THAT IS NOT NORMAL! It outrages me to no end, and it always has, even before I woke up.

  • jwleaks

    Almost a JC but not quite. See link below for full story.

    JW Leaks: When I was in my early 20s I told a JW ministerial servant that I was heterosexual. He promptly reported me to the elders. ??? By the end of the week two elders made a shepherding call on me to discuss the 'sin' of my sexuality . . .


  • scratchme1010

    In one of those lame JCs (I was called a lot at the end), the elders pretty much identified every single gay man they knew in the congregation by asking me if I had sex with any of them. The list was quite long and surprising.

  • fulano

    I was on a committee treating the case of a young french pioneer sister that suddenly got involved in voodoo. Unbelievable.

  • NoviceLocs14

    When I was in my preteens, my family showed up to the KH for a meeting one evening to find that the tiny windows we had on the doors were shattered. Turns out a sister who had mental health issues and marital problems had done the deed. From what I understood, the elders talked to her and she agreed to take her medication, which she was not doing before.

    A couple of weeks later, the same sister showed up to the KH, proceeded to disrobe herself, and started pulling the flowers out of the flower bed of the adjoining CO home. Needless to say, the CO was terrified. Police were called, and she was arrested. She was then Df'ed for not keeping her promise to stay on her meds.

    Not too long after that we came to the meeting to find one handle missing on each of the doubles doors to the KH. Apparently the sister, angered by her disfellowshipping, threatened to burn down the hall while people were in it.

    In hindsight, I feel bad for the sister though. She needed immediate and intense mental health care, and no one stepped up to help her get that (although at least the elders told her to take her meds, which was surprising).

  • pale.emperor

    In hindsight, I feel bad for the sister though. She needed immediate and intense mental health care, and no one stepped up to help her get that (although at least the elders told her to take her meds, which was surprising).

    I've said for years (even when i was in) this religion attracts mentally ill people. And DFing her is rather strong, that's not what she needed. Mental health care from a professional - yes, cut off from any JW friends/family - no.

    There was a mentally ill old lady in my last hall. She was DF before i even moved there and she used to turn up to the meeting with a child's toy pram with a black bin bag full of "stuff" in it. She's sit in the back room during the meeting and take things out of it and try to give them out as gifts. She's now re-instated, still completely mental but now the congregation cant just pretend she's invisible.

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