Western intervention is to blame for the murder of LGBT Iraqis - WTF?!

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just came across this article by Amrou Al-Khadi (a gay Iraqi-born journalist who's living in the UK).

    Karar Nushi, an Iraqi actor, was found murdered in Baghdad yesterday for rumours of his sexuality. Apparently, he'd been receiving death threats due to his 'transgressive appearance' leading up to this.

    The author apparently blames Western intervention for Iraqis killing gay people in Iraq:

    "I am a queer Iraqi, and feel enormously privileged to live safely in London when I hear about such news. But I watch on guiltily in a climate of Western Islamophobia, where such incidents are co-opted by the far right as a way to incite xenophobia."

    Leaving aside the fact that Saddam's brutal regime wasn't exactly gay-friendly, when are foreign people going to take responsibility for their own actions?

    The first step is admittance: Iraq is clearly a very homophobic country with a very homophobic society - as numerous other areas of the globe undoubtedly are.

    The next step is some kind of societal change or softening of extremist attitudes (free speech and action).

    Or, they can continue acting like little children by blaming the West ... unbelievable ...


  • darkspilver

    The author apparently blames Western intervention for Iraqis killing gay people in Iraq

    It is interesting that the SAME website, when news reporting on Karar Nushi's murder appears to makes no direct reference to his actual sexuality?

    Iraqi male model brutally killed in Baghdad 'because of his good looks'

    Karar Nushi was found dead in Baghdad after reportedly receiving death threats over his long hair and tight-fitting clothes.

    Then there's the ex-jw comments below? (regarding another person)


  • dogon

    Muslims never take the blame for their actions. We should have turned it all to glass.

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