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  • Atlantis

    These are the English files, the German files will be posted on a different thread in about an hour.

    2019-10-01-S-67-Instructions For Merging Congregations

    2019-10-21-Malta Campaign Letter

    2019-10-21-Malta Information Sheet

    2019-Malta Application Form

    2019-11-01-S-147 Announcements And Reminders

    2019-Outline For Meeting With Field Service Groups During January 2020




  • careful

    Thx, Petra.

    Does anyone else find it odd that the org is planning a big blitz on Malta, asking for Maltese speakers living elsewhere to travel there to participate, and states that there is a "rapidly expanding population" there? What a minute. Have the native Maltese people suddenly become more fertile so that the native population is growing? Isn't the increased population there due to refugees and people escaping from Africa? Why would they speak Maltese?

    I smell a rat. Are they afraid if they get non-Maltese need-greaters coming in, that the government will send them packing, but if they get Maltese-speakers coming in, there is more of a chance they will be able to stay? Or has the cong there shrunk so much that they cannot cover their territory? Combining congs? Increasing elderly in them? What's up here?

  • wannaexit

    Thank you Petra: your documents are always appreciated!

  • stillMS

    Thanks, Petra!

    Is there a chance you can get a Russian version of those files? (Particularly, I'm interested in "2019-10-01-S-67-Instructions For Merging Congregations" - as I already see it transforming to an apostate-video for Russian-speaking audience :) )

  • Atlantis


    I will keep watch for the Russian files you are looking for. If we get them you will be the first to know.


  • Atlantis
    From "Honeypie" in the Underground!

    2019-10-01-S-67-Russian Merging Congregations Instructions.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The Malta campaign letter says - "While there have been zealous Kingdom publishers in Malta for many decades, the small number of publishers compared with the rapidly expanding population has left many territories underdeveloped."

    Why is the cult begging for MALTESE speaking JW's to preach/convert in Malta when the "rapidly expanding population" consists mainly of Serbians and other foreign speaking immigrants?

    The Maltese-speaking population isn't rapidly expanding! Smoke & mirrors, methinks.

  • stillMS

    Wow, Petra!

    You're awesome - huge thanks!!!

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