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    "The AdChoices self-regulatory programs have over 200 participants. The most prominent participant is Google Inc., which uses the AdChoices label on Google Adsense ads" (Wikipedia)

    (I thought this little guy was wholly owned by Google but maybe not.)

    Big Four book publishers
    • Simon & Schuster (a subsidiary of CBS Corporation)
    • HarperCollins (a subsidiary of NewsCorp)
    • Penguin Random House (a subsidiary of Bertelsmann and Pearson)
    • Hachette Livre.
    e-book ˈēbo͝ok/ noun plural noun: ebooks
    1. an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.

      I was never a JW, only an observer because people I love are.

      As I understand the old business model they moved product inside the Kingdom hall. If the individual could recoup a little money that her problem. I can't see them going with AdChoices but they face the same world as Simon & Schuster. Will they keep a positive cash flow by donations? If you still attend meetings can you sense a trend?

      Who moved my cheese This little story made the rounds several years ago. it still good.

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