2015 Providing Comfort For The Grieving!

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  • Atlantis
    Not exactly the time or place to be pushing your religion!
    Posted on a JW website.
    Providing Comfort For The Grieving.
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  • whathappened
    I am surprised they canceled meetings and field service. This seems like an opportunity for them to attract converts while they are vulnerable.
  • AudeSapere

    "... Condolences of Worldwide Jehovah's Witnesses..."

    I'm pretty sure that hand-written sign is not GB/Slave approved.

  • OneFingerSalute

    I am surprised they canceled meetings and field service.

    I'm not sure the WTB&T$ cancelled them. I would place money on the French government having something to say about it with the declared state of national emergency though.

    Meanwhile in any event why didn't they "trust God" and "obey God as ruler, rather than men"? Don't they really believe what the spout off about?

  • leaving_quietly
    This is tacky. As for the meetings getting canceled, I'm pretty sure it's because Paris imposed a curfew. Preaching would be difficult, but going to meetings normally would not be unless there was some external imposition on it. A curfew would fit the bill.
  • average joe
    average joe

    This seems really fake

    First witnesses wouldn't tape up their magazines like that They wouldnt tape two magazines to a ripped up box they wouldn't tape it the way it is, I mean look at that tape job its horrible They wouldn't write so sloppy and misspell words This may be on a site jws frequent but I doubt its legit

  • Atlantis

    average joe:

    We don't mind waiting for you to prove that it is fake! So, go ahead and prove to us that it is fake!


  • truthseeker100
    Comfort for ones who are grieving is impossible!

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