Children, you can go to Bethel when you grow up!

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  • stuckinarut2

    For those who haven't watched this, enjoy!

    Hang in there for the very last comment from Caleb!

    (He obviously does not know about the lay-offs and cutbacks and the thousands worldwide being kicked to the curb!)

  • slimboyfat

    Sounds to me like "I don't want to go to bethel when I grow up" ???

    Anthony Morris III posing with an animation looks particularly lame.

    All I can say is they are setting expectations pretty high with this video. The best family day out ever? Are they really gearing up to make a fun experience for young children? Or are there going to be a lot of very disappointed kids out there?

  • sir82

    You want to know what a Bethel tour is like?

    Walk down a hallway. Look at a display.

    Walk down another hallway. Look at a different display.

    Walk down another hallway. Peek inside a storeroom.

    Walk down another hallway. Step briefly into a conference room.

    Walk down another hallway. Look at another display.

    And so on. For an hour.

    What kid wouldn't be enthralled by that?

  • freddo
    While wearing a dress shirt and bow tie ...
  • OneEyedJoe
    The best family day out ever? Are they really gearing up to make a fun experience for young children? Or are there going to be a lot of very disappointed kids out there?

    Par for the course. Tell kids that it's the best day with family ever, get the parents to tell their kids that too, and then when it's dull and drab and boring the kids have to decide whether their parents lied to them or if it's just that there's something wrong with them that caused them not to enjoy it. Most kids, relying on their parents for everything, can't tolerate the thought that their parents would lie to them, so they'll internalize it and decide it's their fault they didn't have a good time. One more step towards blind obedience because any dissident thought is always a sign of personal failing, not a sign that there might really be something wrong with the cult. The cult continually tears down self confidence and trust of one's own truth by constantly telling you that boring things are fun, obligations are privileges, leaders are slaves, trials are blessings, etc.

  • Room 215
    Room 215
    This must be enthralling entertainment to the downsized ex-Bethelites who can now view it from the outside looking in. Why don't they tack this on to the end of Christopher George's speech as a sort of coda to his "Dealing with Change?" 
  • stuckinarut2


    oneeyedjoe, that is seriously the BEST description of my childhood and that of many others!

    You have nailed it so well!

  • SafeAtHome
    Wow, what can be said after watching one of these stupid videos. Not too long ago the borg heavily criticized churches for having anything geared toward children, now they come up with this heavy handed propaganda. Would anyone be surprised if they started a "Sunday School" type class to heavily indoctrinate the young ones at a level where they could be certain the fear mongering and loyalty mantra is reaching those young gray cells.😞
  • talesin

    I remember the vacation to NYC with my parents' friends and their son, and visiting Bethel. I was 14, and of course, climbing up that metal stair that was part of the ginormous printing press was cool. It was quite amazing, I have to admit, seeing those magazines roll off that huge machine. That's all I really remember - the press room and having lunch. For the most part, I wanted to be elsewhere.

    We weren't going to anything I chose: MOMA and the Guggenheim, Central Park, Bloomingdale's, FAO Schwarz, and of course, the NYC library (yes, I was a geeky kid). And that was just my personal 14YO wish list.

    We did go to Radio City Music Hall and I saw the Rockettes and the hugest freakingly awesome pipe organ was playing. I loved that, and we watched "Huck Finn" on the big screen.

    Bethel?  It was a big snooze, and certainly not a fun day out.  (And from what I've read of others, I think we got the 'special tour', and yes, through 'connections')

    Every JW kid's dream vacation.  *puke*

  • talesin

    Too late to put this in my comment, but RIP to FAO Schwarz, I'll not see it now. NYC, wow! Yes, it's the SUPER toy store in the film "Big".


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