Why not just print the whole quote?

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    In next weeks Bible study session for the cult, it says of a March 15, 1926 Watchtower, “The faithful will be volunteers . . . to tell this message to the people.” So I got to wondering what the ... was all about. So I happened to have that Watchtower, and this is what it actually says.

    “The faithful will be volunteers in the day of God's wrath to tell this message to the people.”

    So it's really simple, why not just print the whole quote? I think it's because it doesn't go along with their present beliefs that JW's won't be preaching during God's wrath. But why not just print it anyways? After all, hasn't the truth gotten brighter and brighter? Cause they don't want to stumble anyone? It's really dishonesty to me. Just tell it the way it is, but then again they are never transparent, so why should it ever surprise us, right?

  • tepidpoultry

    What's omitted is a qualifying phrase,

    I could say I'm going to have everyone over, when Hell freezes over, for

    a lovely party,

    Now using Watchtower style ellipticals:

    I'm going to have everyone over...for a lovely party,

    See how this works everybody,

    Now let's go show the faithful,


  • stillin

    That's funny! If you remove words from the middle of a "quote" you can completly change the meaning. That' s called intellectual dishonesty, isn't it? I can understand why they would do this with quotes from scientific journals, but misquoting their own selves is a new low.

    Beware the ellipse!

  • tepidpoultry
  • Londo111

    They love the dot dot dot.

  • ab.ortega

    Great quote tepidpoultry

  • nicolaou

    .... the Watchtower!

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