Order your VAA (Vast Apostate Army) stickers TODAY!

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Zazzle has packets of 20 for just over $5 USD.


    Now, calls for better organization, or just organization PERIOD, have often been brought up on this site, by those whose lives have been affected by this cult. The most WIDELY accepted strategy so far, seems to be that of simply NOT donating at your local halls, or assemblies. Understandably, it's a good 'covert' way of fighting back, without blowing one's cover. But, it needs some teeth.

    Consider the 'secret' CO guide that has just been made available to all. Just reading through all shows what a callous, paranoid, finger-pointing, back-stabbing cults this is. Also, look at the whole 'Be Loyal or Be Shunned' theme of the upcoming conventions. They're running scared. It's time to crank up the pressure. Take the fight to THEM!

    It might sound trivial, but the cumulative effect of propaganda can be immense. It's helped win wars. It's helped sports teams dominate. It's helped the Watchtower Society turn into a huge cult machine. But like any machine, you take out some of the bearings, and the whole thing breaks apart.

    Just order the sticker packet. Start putting them on: donation boxes, bathroom mirrors, inside bathroom stalls, the elder's car bumper...(the mean, bossy elder, at least), the elderette's book bag, when she's not looking. Put 'em anywhere else you can, without being caught, of course.

    Please return to this thread in the near future to report your sticker 'placements.' That's the only way we'll know if anyone's on board.

    It will be called: "OPERATION VAST"

    Now, get busy. We're all counting on you.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    Btw: I've ordered stuff from Zazzle before. They're legit.
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    If stickers are to do any good they should simply have jwfacts.com on them. Curiosity will get the better of a few people. . in my opinion these stickers will just make people double down, viewing it as persecution..
  • atomant
    ld be suggesting to make discs with the ARC information then distribute.
  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Funny you mention it. I actually did a search for JWfacts, or JWfacts.com stickers and found nothing. However, I just did a little more digging, and found this:


    It allows you to upload your design, and they will turn it into a hat, sticker, t-shirt, ect.

    I agree that it might cause some, perhaps many, to check out the website out of curiosity.

    Whether it's JW Facts stickers, or VAA, or ARC, or the Angus Stewart Fan Club, the JWs will always feel persecuted. That's kinda the idea. Persecuted, yes. But by whom? When little decals like these start popping up inside Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, Convention Centers, or on elders car bumpers, and elderettes book-bags, they'll have no choice but to look inside. No more blaming the outside world, or the media, or the U.N.

    They're ALREADY cranking up the pressure on members to snitch on one another, as evidenced by the CO guidelines leak, and their 'secret' snitch form. Then, there's the convention theme: "Remain Loyal (or else)!" This indicates more suspicion among members, more kangaroo courts and more disfellowshipping. Someone on a different thread mentioned that there eventually won't be anyone left, but the really brain-dead 'reptiles.' I just see these stickers as a means to help accelerate the inevitable: a rotting from the inside out, as more and more JWs turn on each other. Specifically, it would be instigated by the COs and elders ("we gotta check on brother Jones, he missed the last two meetings"), Maybe that's too harsh for some. But, you might as well get this the f--- over with.

    I'll submit my JWfacts logo to Zazzle.com later today, and will post on a new thread.

  • Vidiot

    Sugar Shane - "...as evidenced by the CO guidelines leak, and their 'secret' snitch form."

    "Secret snitch form"?

    Are you f**king kidding me???

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Ok, how about a: 'It's none of their f-ing business' form. Or a: 'we have you SHEEPLE under Jehovah's MICROSCOPE' form. Call it what you want. It's still the mark of a paranoid, uber-high control cult.

    A downloadable PDF copy of this snitch form is available on the internet. Check out JWSurvey if you like. Check your PM for a link to this form, Vidiot.

    I shit you not.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    That could be pretty dangerous if there are cameras inside and outside the Kingdom Hall. Also, disposable hero of hypocrisy's idea is better in my opinion.

  • Vidiot

    @ Sugar Shane...

    Okay, it doesn't seem overly "snitchy" to me, but I can definitely see how it could be used that way.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane
    That could be pretty dangerous if there are cameras inside and outside the Kingdom Hall. Also, disposable hero of hypocrisy's idea is better in my opinion.

    As for cameras, they can be blinded, day or night, by infra-red LEDs (available at Radio Shack). Alternatively, laser pointers do a great job. Still risky though, as you mention.

    This JWfacts sticker is something I am looking into right now.

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