Today was our Granddaughters first birthday...

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  • jaded

    We are having her party tomorrow. We love this baby so very much. She is our precious little angel. Just makes me wonder how we could have ever fallen for the JW crap that celebrating birthdays is wrong. How could we not have celebrated the birth of our own children? No wonder so many JW kids end up so messed up. I am glad to have a second chance with my granddaugher but also regret having missed so many special moments with my own kids. Feeling happy to be "out" and sad that we were ever "in". So much wasted time...

  • blondie

    You just enjoy that baby, Jaded, and keep loving your kids. Have no regrets.

    I went back to school when I read what Malcolm Forbes said, "It is only too late when you are dead."

    I put this on my computer at work and home.

    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That's why it's called 'the present'. (Loretta LaRoche)


  • little witch
    little witch

    Happy Birthday to your Grand-daughter, Jaded!!!

    Don't worry over mistakes, today is a new day...It sounds like you broke the chain, so to speak, That

    takes alot of courage..And your reward? Well, your happiness shows in your words..Congrats.

    Now save me a peice of that cake, OK?

  • jaded

    Thank you blondie and little witch. It is hard not to have regrets. I will try to take your advice. It's time to move on. And it's almost party time!

  • little witch
    little witch

    I just hate to see a post like this get little attention, due to the fact that there are so many posters, that some slip by.


  • Hapgood

    Happy Birthday to your precious little Granddaughter, Jaded!

    Yes, I agree, it's great to have a second chance with our Grandchildren. That's one thing I could never understand while I was a jw, why we couldn't celebrate birthdays, I just thought I was a little thick because I didn't get it.

    My Grandson just turned two in July. When all of us sang Happy Birthday to him, his little face just beamed with happiness, his grin went from ear to ear. These are the moments in life to cherish, and I'm so thankful that I can now experience them.

    Enjoy the party!


  • Emma

    Congratulations on the birthday celebration and to You for getting your family out. Just think, your kids won't have to go through the feelings that you are experiencing now. You've done a good job and can enjoy these precious grandchildren.


  • oldcrowwoman


    Happy Birthday for your Grandchild.

    It's all about creating new memories for all of you!!


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