Not Your Everyday Evolution Thread

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  • Carmel

    I was just musing today in my garage, well maybe it was the pipe glue, but for some reason I was thinking about the typical JW and fundy Christian beliefs that a) the Genesis story of creation is to be taken as literal and b) that this obviates the concept of evolution. Then it crossed my mind, whence the human imune system?? Could someone out there that still holds to the previous concepts please tell me why we were created as perfect biological entities with an IMUNE system? If not created with it, from whence did it come?

    Feel free to quote as many scriptures as you please.

    carmel, (tiping back with hands behind the head)

  • Xena

    Because god knows the future, although he in no way uses this knowledge to change things (unless it is absolutely NECESSARY) and so he knew we would sin and he, in his loving kindness, equiped us with an immune system to be ready for the day we would need it to combat the germs released by Satin to torment us with.

    It's really very simple you see

  • Swan

    Adam and Eve didn't have an immune system. So obviously they either evolved one really, really fast (immuno-macro-evolution) or Jehovah gave them one as a parting gift when they left the garden (kind of like on a game show).


  • Swan

    I just thought of something else. This is really BIG!

    That makes the immune system the Genesis equivalent of Rice-A-Roni !!!

    So overnight Adam and Eve grew an immune system complete with white blood cells.

    You may laugh, but with Jehovah, god of the quick-builds, all things are possible.


  • bluesapphire

    No no no youguys are all wrong. The Watchtower is right I tell you! Now stop thinking and everything will be just fine!

    Carmel, I summon you to a judicial committee for "musing". No musing is allowed! Paul Jesus would never muse!

  • drwtsn32

    blue: you couldn't be more correct... it is so much easier when you don't have to think for yourself! Oh how I long for the good ol' days!

    Carmel: You do bring up an interesting point. But people would probably just reason that god added our immune system when he turned on our "death" gene.

    Interestingly, I was watching something on the Discovery channel regarding why we die. Oxygen is very bad for us... processing it releases free radicals that slowly damage our DNA. Too bad we don't breath in something a little less corrosive.

  • SYN

    Nobody really knows how this happened.

    But, is it so hard to imagine cells cooperating, and the cooperation becoming extended, until the cells became permanent symbiotes, eventually incorporating each other's DNA?

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